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Comment: "Not available" == not permitted at the time (Score 5, Interesting) 113

by g0tai (#45654587) Attached to: Open Source 'Wasn't Available' Two Years Ago, Says UK Gov't IT Project Chief
Before people blow up :-) - This usually means that the department wasn't permitted to use 'un-vetted/approved/etc' software at that time (it may have been that they actually /wanted/ to use something open source 2 years ago, but various bits of bureaucracy didn't allow for it) This is government after all :-)

Comment: Re:CRC Errors (Score 1) 510

by g0tai (#41673455) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do SSDs Die?
I had 3 out of 3 OCZ Petrol SSD's fail on me (looks like a controller burn-out issue that's present in pretty much all of the Petrol series SSD's from my personal experience). However, on the flipside of that I've never had one of their Agility Series or Vertex 4 series SSD drives die on me. (we have 4 Agilities (another 3 at home for me) and around 8 Vertex 4's. All those ones have worked fine.

It sucks to have an SSD fail, believe me each time I had an OCZ petrol fail, it makes me sad. I've learnt my lesson though - avoid that series like the plague. Same vendor and I only get Agility or Vertex now (and touch-wood, I've been fine so far for half a year on those (and we use the vertex4's on our DB servers which get *hammered* on reads and writes)

This is my personal experience with SSD's. They're a godsend for DB stuff (and anything else that does lots of small writes/reads). OCZ are good and we still get our SSD's from them,.... just not the petrol series.

Comment: Wait, what? Have you read the linked article? (Score 1) 178

by g0tai (#40581555) Attached to: UN Wades Into Patent War Mess
Seems the BBCs spin on this is that Apple and Microsoft are the 'good guys' where Samsung and Motorola are the 'not so good guys' due to their defensive measures with their FRAND patents.

It mentions nothing of the abuse that Apple is giving regarding to block android phone sales due to patent disputes.

Shame the BBC didn't do more in-depth research and give a fuller-laid-out article covering all sides. Not what I expected as a taxpayer to be honest.

Comment: Domain seizure? (Score 1) 203

by g0tai (#40306665) Attached to: US Gov't Wants Megaupload Users To Pay For Their Data
The Govt siezed the domain, thereby preventing access to users data.

Even if it could be switched to another domain easily enough, it was still forbidden to do so. Are valid users also entitled to sue for loss of earnings due to being unable to access their data or the inability to make it accessible to others?

Comment: Innovate or become obsolete. That's where it's at. (Score 5, Insightful) 515

by g0tai (#40084931) Attached to: FCC Boss Backs Metering the Internet
So, cable companies failed to innovate, and depsite seeing this coming, didn't change.

Now their entire world is threatened by the internet, and the FCC are attempting to apply a band-aid to help keep their business model going. This will also be to the detriment of the consumer, and ultimately progress.

Sorry, but his application of the 'band-aid' is fundamentally wrong. In business, if you fail to innovate and keep ahead, you will eventually be surpassed by someone else/another business whereby they are ahead of the curve or willing to change. This is happening, and frankly, the cable industry has no-one to blame but themselves for failing to innovate.

They didn't innovate, and now they are realising that they are fast becoming obsolete.

Comment: Strain on the local grid (Score 1) 373

by g0tai (#39899365) Attached to: Auto Makers Announce Electric Car Charging Standard
I hope they included some type of offset/tarrif scheme to the charging stations (or at least suggested it, unfortunately the news article didn't really illude) - as we get more and more EVs and charging points, you're eventually going to get to the point where everyone comes home from work and plugs their EV in. That's going to place a tremendous strain on the local electricity grid as EV's suck up a lot of power, especially if you're doing fast charges!

Comment: Re:What Really Needs Support (Score 1) 330

by g0tai (#39616975) Attached to: Windows Vista Enters Extended Support
... Because Microsoft haven't written a plugin/support so other browsers can support active directory.

Let's not forget here that Microsoft will extend something outside of the standards. If they wanted to support active directory in chrome, firefox, etc, then there is a plugin system to let them do *exactly* that. Funnily enough, they don't seem to have written any plugins to support their proprietary stuff for 3rd party browsers.

Comment: Simplicity usually wins here (Score 1) 291

by g0tai (#39488363) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Most Secure Mobile OS?
The more complex the OS, the more chance for exploits. The simpler the OS, the less chance for things to go wrong, and if they do, the less chance for whatever is doing it to get anything useful. Granted there are some really awful 'simple' phones out there, but in terms of running trojans you're not going to get much going on your very basic cheap and nasty non-smart phone in the way of malware if all it does is make phone calls and send text messages (and doesn't have MIDP).

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