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Comment: Grrr.... (Score 1) 320

by g-lock82 (#32530730) Attached to: Adobe Goes To Flash 10.1, Forgoes Security Fix For 10
And as usual, detecting and updating the Flash Player across ~300 sites is not as fun as several thousand other things I could be doing this morning.
Adobe seem to go out of their way to hide the distributable .exe, hide the command-line switches (which have changed for reasons passing understanding in this version) and hide the method of detecting the currently installed version of Flash.
I've already ripped Reader out of (most of) my clients because it's a bitch to manage. Flash would be next on the bonfire if I could convince my customers.

Comment: Re:Conroy has his own agenda (Score 1) 166

by g-lock82 (#31151880) Attached to: Google, Yahoo and Others Fight the Aussie Filter
When you're a partisan hack who has risen to the No.2 spot on a Senate ballot for your major party, you only need ~8% of the vote to get in. Again.

I've just found out that Senator Conroy is elected in Victoria, where I live. Never before have I worked out who's going last on my vote so early in an election year.

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