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Comment Re:Terrible Hero (Score 1) 267

I am SO with you on this. I've always disliked Superman for many reasons, but mainly
  a) He's WAY overspecced so that no encounter is ever dangerous.
  b) Even though I know his reasons for being created (US Depression era), his Jingoism simply gets on my nerves.
  c) Theres no inner turmoil. In short, he's a dumb Jock who would have never graduated from High School.

This leaves us with very simplistic stories that fail to engage.

I'm bias though, because for me, Batman is the MAN.


Comment Re:Remove automatic updates from your slipstream (Score 1) 658

Why use an illegal spyware ridden torrent copy ?

Just use nLite for customizing an XP install, or vLite for a custom vista* install. Both tools do a very good job of creating lightweight Windows installations.

(*although WHY anyone would still be running vista, is beyond me.)


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