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by fuzznutz (#47880247) Attached to: Google Hangouts Gets Google Voice Integration And Free VoIP Calls
Plus there are no payphones anywhere anymore. When I was a kid, I always had change so I could call from a payphone. When the school district built the new fancy schmancy high school, they didn't install one single payphone. Band kids and players getting back from away football games late on Friday had to use their cell phones or borrow one from a friend to get picked up.

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by fuzznutz (#47843035) Attached to: How the Outdated TI-84 Plus Still Holds a Monopoly On Classrooms
Half of my machines at home are Linux based. When my daughter went through high school a couple years ago, the "compatibility" of Open Office with Powerpoint sucked. We tried. Valiantly. We had to use MS Office to get her Powerpoints to look right. And they did a LOT of Powerpoint.

Comment: The way of the future (Score 2) 359

by fuzznutz (#47827739) Attached to: How the Outdated TI-84 Plus Still Holds a Monopoly On Classrooms
You obviously don'y have kids in school. My school district is sending down all kinds of these ridiculous edicts for purchases. We are having to buy all kinds of shit to be collected by the teachers and provided to the classroom at their discretion. On my kids' 8th grade school supply list this year, besides the TI calculator:

A home computer
A Printer
Computer paper
Internet Access
Microsoft Office

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I didn't miss your point. My daughter is out of state and the ONLY way she communicates in a timely fashion is by Facebook. She doesn't even have a celllphone and only calls infrequently. Therefore if I want to communicate with her, I have to use Facebook. I detest it as much as you do, but Tinfoil makes it less retchworthy. My love for my daughter is stronger than my hate for Facebook. Between Tinfoil and emails notifying me she has sent me a message, I find it acceptable. Tinfoil only runs WHEN I want it to run and does not use my location nor does it "send or receive" text messages without the owners consent.

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Yeah, I guess the USSR failure had nothing to do with being bankrupted in a futile arms race and proxy wars with the US. Or the failure of a central economy to meet the needs of the population. Or the fact that a reformer General Secretary came in an made modernization changes with glasnost and perestroika. It was all those denials of "human values," whatever that means...

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The most strident defenders of the sanctity of children's innocence seem to have the notion that children maintain blissful ignorance of their own sexuality up until they cross that magical 18 year mark and they suddenly become hypersexual. Just as children are mortified to realize that their parents are engaging in the dirty deed, parents are likewise horrified to think their precious little bundle is exploring themself, often with their peers. Yet when that peer age differential increases to only a few years, it becomes a horrendous crime that requires registration for life. And rational folk who point this out are accused of moral relativism and coddling pedophiles. The older I get the more I realize that most people are not rational and survive solely on emotion.

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Yes, and liberals such as myself contend that marriage is a human right. If tolerance means allowing gay individuals to have human rights, then they must have the right to marriage.

So exactly what causes it to rise up to the level of human right and not just societal privilege? It would seem to me that there are societies that exist just fine without the construct of civil sanctioned marriage. Lack of it does not inhibit the free association of any individual to be with any partner they want. It appears to me to be primarily an attempt to acquire the financial benefits of tax reductions, insurance benefit coverage, and automatic inheritance which I would argue do not rise up to the level of basic human right. I would also surmise that a secondary reason is the excitement and exhilaration for those to have something that had been previously forbidden.

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That's just ignorance on the users part. It's just like people who refuse to change their oil regularly or put air in their tires. Regular maintenance and attentiveness comes with owning a computer. When you're told what to do over and over and yet you never change, how does it become Microsoft's fault? They dummy proof their OS and people disable these features because they are inconvenient.

Yes, it is ignorance on the part of the users. Without a doubt. It is also beside the point. The unwashed masses expect an appliance that just works when you turn it on. I have cleaned up many machines and tried to "dummy proof" them with Adblock, good antivirus, and lessons on what not to click on, but they always come back polluted. People still need to get online to do their banking, order their shit, and read their email. Whether or not it's Microsoft's fault, they get the blame when the computer won't boot or is so slow it's unusable. When they have to fork over a couple hundred every six months or so to speed it back up, users grow to hate Microsoft, not HP or Dell or Lenovo.

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