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Comment: Look at the loses this way (Score 1) 280

by future assassin (#48561359) Attached to: Utilities Face Billions In Losses From Distributed Renewables

All those billions saved by the consumer will be funneled back to the local economy and smaller companies. Those companies will develop new technologies faster than some company only concerned with profits over market innovation. As an added bonus the gov will get a bigger chunk of tax since the little guya will pay way more corporate tax than some big ass corporation.

Comment: Re:Agenda? (Score 5, Insightful) 184

Are those emails legit or fake? Well what better way to reverse this from a super embarrassment for Sony and corporate world to "them hackers are gonna kill us" and make the hackers look even worse and dangerous. Next we'll see the words Anti Corporate Terrorists used.

>GOP reportedly sent Sony employees an email, which just so happened to be riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, that read in part, "your family will be in danger."

Yah, those bad grammar homicidal hackers.

Comment: Re:I do (Score 1) 488

by future assassin (#48513007) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Non-Coders, Why Aren't You Contributing To Open Source?

Fuck steam as for dev activity there's is new activity with the change of the guard and .8 will be relase before or just after new years. Yes there is lots of servers and yes there are 5 players but only certain times of the day just like there are 30+ other times of the day and just like there are 0 players at times.

Comment: I do (Score 2) 488

Sometimes I can only financially help with $20 here and there. Atm Im helping out an OS FPS game (Xonotic) by running several servers which costs me around $110CDN per month for two servers (North American and European based with a NA based VPS for hosting maps which will become a public map repo shortly)

Also atm I'm fund raising 550EU to have custom monster models built for the game which will be used for single player mode and will be open source so others can use them. I'm at 440 EU but that mostly between 7 users.

I also just restarted my internet radio station which I ran pretty succesfully from 2001-2004. ATM I'm using Icecast2 and MPD for the software and promote them when I can.

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