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Comment: Microsoft and Bill Gates (Score -1, Offtopic) 577

by futuramasd (#44104233) Attached to: Obama Reveals Climate Change Plan
Microsoft is the best example of a company that cares about climate. They run their datacenters in places with access to clean water and wind power. Their Windows OS supports power saving features. Azure cloud is hosted on data centers that utilize clean power.. etc.

Hell, even Bill Gates Foundation widely supports research towards cleaner power and data usage. Way to go, Microsoft and Bill Gates, I say.

Comment: Internet Explorer (Score 5, Funny) 391

by futuramasd (#44083037) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Most Secure Browser In an Age of Surveillance?
IE10 and 11 are superb browses. They containing many very good tactics to secure the browser and computer, for example, true sandboxing and JIT hardening. Most other browsers don't come even close.

Secondly, the sandboxing means that IE is usually able to block an attack on plug-ins like the Flash Player and JAVA VM. This alone makes surfing with IE remarkably safe.

IE really is an different kind of beast in the sea of mediocre browsers. It has come long way and is aiming for the top.

- John Futura
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