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Comment: Re:Good for US economy (Score 1) 617 617

by futuramarama (#35611808) Attached to: MS Wants Laws To Block Products Made By Software Pirates
Asking large companies (this law only applies to a company making $50+ million in sales each year, according to TFA) to audit their suppliers is reasonable, and in fact happens. Walmart for instance, has a regular audit of every single company that provides anything for its shelves. Every supplier has to open its books to scrutiny from Walmart, and asking for a certificate of software license as well would be a trivial additional requirement. I can imagine that some large companies might have a "we don't care as long as it gets shipped" approach, but I'd be surprised if they were more than the minority.

Comment: War can be waged with honour (Score 1) 999 999

by futuramarama (#23837303) Attached to: Wikileaks Gets Hold of Counterinsurgency Manual
There are many here who say that war has never been a humane activity and so this release is no surprise.

But the doctrine of Just War has existed for centuries and has been practiced more or less successfully at times.

Particularly, to my knowledge, the European powers after Westphalia, where only professional armies took the field, bought their supplies rather than pillaged and treated their captives with dignity.

There were exceptions, probably, but on the whole the wars fought were not bitter struggles where any means necessary was advocated

Tor Used To Collect Embassy Email Passwords 99 99

Posted by kdawson
from the getting-their-attention dept.
Several readers wrote in to inform us that Swedish security researcher Dan Egerstad has revealed how he collected 100 passwords from embassies and governments worldwide, without hacking into anything: he sniffed Tor exit routers. Both Ars and heise have writeups on Egerstad's blog post, but neither adds much to the original. It's not news that unencrypted traffic exits the Tor network unencrypted, but Egerstad correctly perceived, and called attention to, the lack of appreciation for this fact in organizations worldwide.

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