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I guess if we're comfortable with the IRS turning into a third-world thug outfit instead of trying to reform it...

Well you must be, since you aren't voting, or even looking for anybody that acts sanely and rationally that would reform it. And the only way it can be reformed is if it is dissolved, abolished, because it is functioning nominally. There is nothing "wrong" with it. It certainly isn't acting any differently than it has since its inception. It has no credibility to lose. This is only a front page story now because of the person currently occupying the oval office.

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No single republican or democrat can screw things up without lots of help, even somebody like Palin, Cruz, Lieberman, Pelosi, or Reid. I would prefer incompetent over crazy myself, but that doesn't mean I would ever vote for either. The "lesser evil" still only gives you evil. I don't knowingly vote for evil, lesser or greater. "Lesser evil" is true moral relativism, of a kind that even I find offensive. It illustrates the true meaning of hypocrisy and arrogance. And notably it is the democratic faction that makes the most use of it. You know, I never did like the bastards. It is unfortunate that nobody sees them for what they are. They are all wagging the dog about the republicans, which is, of course, exactly how the democrats like it. Evil evil, all of them.

You know, with the Greens or the libbies, you will need a lot of them in congress for them to actually accomplish anything.

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So, where are these "emails"?

Oh, here's a juicy one:
"an email to top IRS staff wrote that “folks from the FEC world,” were pressing for “tax-fraud prosecutions” for nonprofit organizations accused of lying about not conducting political activity."

Hmm, where's the word "conservative"? Ah yes, Washington Times, a replica of the Washington Post, but much more believable, where "he said-she said" is fact, right? Hey, if it's good for higher ad rates, what the hell...

I already know that the IRS is the worst of the worst, but if you are looking for a meaningful scandal, you will have better luck finding a "black book" of Afghan opium farmers and politicians and generals who are dealing with Allied forces to secure and move their product... Or even better, go after the 83 billion a month being fed to Wall Street. If you want to find the real corruption of the democratic faction (well actually both) and the big union bosses, look into our stolen pensions. The games you all are playing now will not even dent the Hillary juggernaut.

FYI: Non-profit == scam, tax evasion, and money laundering. There's no reason we can't skim off some of the money they move like everybody else. Why should they care? It would be less paperwork.

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After he bagged on Sarah Palin, I pointed out that his hypothetical idea could result in a Palin Administration.

And I responded she wouldn't have the big money, the cronies, or the time to back up her craziness, so again, you got it wrong. And without that money, it might turn out that she is a perfectly rational person, able to honor her contracts to completion.

It seems to be true, you chronically tell only half the story to fit your narrative. Don't take it personal, d_r does the same thing.

Under the present circumstances, there are more than two people on the ballot. If you vote for a republican or a democrat you are a close minded, fearful, timid, submissive fool, doomed to eternal repetition of your mistakes, and since you don't learn from them, mockery is all that's left, even though, with your brains on hold, that won't have much effect for the better either. In fact, as all the studies show, you just instinctively dig in your heels.... Or, in a perfectly natural biological reaction to your environment, you are simply appealing to authority to curry its favor for privilege and elevated status. You seek close proximity to the alpha male, and your denials of that will not make it any less true. The experiment is reproducible, and already has been many times over. This is why you can be correctly called 'reactionary'. You react... Your entire political system is purely Pavlovian, and... it still works, proof that you are not nearly so separate from nature as you claim to be.. Chimps with nuclear poo.

So, in short all your complaints about the people you elect and reelect are silly, much sillier than anything I have put forth so far. Expect more finger pointing and laughing. Be assured you earned it.

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How could you possibly support that notion when you haven't offered a single option yet?

I can because I have. You dismissed it as nonsense and forgot about it. Since you're not interested, repeating myself would be a total waste, so I won't. I would only suggest that you not vote for somebody you complain about and then reelect anyway, and stop playing the helpless victim card, in fact, stop being the helpless victim, you're doing it by choice. If you want to be their fool, then, by all means. You are only fooling yourself.

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It doesn't matter what I offer, your mind is set in stone, and you will continue to play your "lesser evil" charade, and we will hear the same old crap we heard in 2008, and in 2000, and in 1996, and in..., and I'm not interested. It deserves nothing but ridicule and mockery. The Party expects and welcomes your slavish and most submissive loyalty.

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