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Comment: What's a metaphor? (Score 1) 20

by fustakrakich (#48944905) Attached to: Today is Lets Talk day here in Kanuckistan

It's all in your head, so to speak... There's a reason for everything. And personally I'm scared of the drugs they toss out like candy and waiting a few months to see what happens. They give out anti-psychotics when you might need antibiotics. A true shot in the dark this business, and the doctor's name is Clouseau.

Comment: Re:On tracking (Score 1) 105

by fustakrakich (#48943383) Attached to: Fixing Verizon's Supercookie

This is nothing like 'the sky is falling' routine. And you never heard me say to surrender. It is only a point of information to act on. It's a simple fact that you are being tracked. And certificates still require a third party. And to me, a self signed certificate is a cookie. To be verified requires that you identify yourself. You can't be anonymous and certified/verified at the same time, unless it's a one-time cert. My only recommendation is to develop something better, not to give up.

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