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Comment Re:Never install updates without reading the KB (Score 1) 140

You know, I could probably crack the best encryption available before I could finish reading through their KBs... It's much faster to install everything and then sniff your network (picture the internet as being a bunch of dogs all smelling each others' butts) for about 20-30 minutes and block anything that looks suspicious. The built in firewall isn't too shabby.

Comment Re:Don't cry for industry (Score 1) 196

Then that's exactly what should happen. We shouldn't burn it just to prop up a market and create a demand. And the same is happening with natural gas. When it's too expensive to bottle up, they just burn it off. This broken window theory is the scaffolding behind the facade of many our markets, and it is most blatant in the basics, like food and energy. Over half of what we make is thrown away. Yes, we could save trillions of dollars, and more importantly millions of hours of human effort. Let's start by taking back Citi's bailout money and putting into drought and flood relief.

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