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Journal: The clown car is funny and all...

But there is little doubt who is tagging along behind in the short bus, the people who vote for democrats. They make the Reagan worshipers look like atheist rum runners., No matter how crazy their opposition may look, I have yet to see a more sorrowful band of suckers as these people.

Comment: Re:What an opportunity! (Score 2) 346 346

Yes, we are familiar with your 'vacation' house story. Just stop allowing rich people and your politicians to abuse the system. Stop the rest of the skimming at the top, and you'll come out alright. And just demand a raise if your taxes are too damned high, instead of complaining about people in need. The thing is, you are still under the Thatcher/Reagan influence, and it clouds your judgement.

Comment: Re:Another great Scalia line (Score 1) 1065 1065

Yes, that's right. If it is isn't printed in your favorite rag, it didn't happen. So comfortable with the right lies you are. You really are as zombie like as the Reagan worshipers. In fact the phenomenon is much stronger this time around. You a such glaring proof of that, blinding in fact.

Lieberman sponsored S.J. Res.46, the Senate version of H.J. Res. 114, that is, the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002, also called the Iraq Resolution.

Ya see that??! SPONSORED aieet? You could even say HE started the war, personally! More than Bush!

Open your damn eyes, boy! God! You people...

Comment: Re:Oh (Score 1) 8 8

Yes, well, you can stop regurgitating that old tripe at your convenience. The only thing being lowered is your own credibility. You are just being a damned fool, marry a horse..marry a horse..marry a horse... Marcia Marcia Marcia! Like a little brat on a what now, 6 year tantrum. It has become nothing but a big troll marathon, but sorry, your (and d_r's) little clown car are only push carts compared to the one you try to emulate. You don't even come up with anything original. You just read Glenn Beck/Pat Robertson 'newsreel' clips to us, with their supplied script, for over half a decade. Please, just put the kids on the keyboard from now on, and you go do something, mow the lawn, wash the car, paint the house, take out the garbage for god's sake!

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