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Comment: Re:Launching the NWO from the back 9? (Score 1) 13

Why me? I just strip away the fluff and relay the obvious in single syllable words when possible. Eh, maybe it's my disinterest in the outcome that puts everybody off. Without having a dog in this race, all I can do is call the play by play as it is. You could say I'm *losing my opinion*, and get my jollies from watching the dysfunctional.

Comment: Re:Launching the NWO from the back 9? (Score 1) 13

Unfortunately, isn't this laziness vs. strongman similar to the ignorance vs. evil-genius dichotomy pushed forth under Bush II by his opponents?

Yes, role reversal has been key throughout. Damn near word for word from both sides. Literally the "mirror gag". Will the poles flip again in 2016? Eh, doesn't matter. As long as it's one or the other, it's just the same old same old.

Comment: "Reagan's leadership" (Score 1) 9

Now that's a good one. More proof that you still adore him as your political deity to measure all others against. He was asleep at the wheel from the very beginning, and the second term was "president Bush" (or Nancy ("mommy") as mass media would have you believe). The people around him did all the work, and like all the others before and since he is a wooden dummy, the same one they've been using for 50 years, a little paint and a new suit and wig, and voila!

You should give Ted Turner more credit for bringing down the Wall. It was satellite TV, not satellite "defense" that did it. The Russians lost the propaganda war when they couldn't stop the Charmin toilet paper commercials from being broadcast into the country.

And you really should count the vacation days he took before comparing him to his twin there...

Nope, obviously your tribalism still stands out as much as it always has. Pure status quo all the way.

You're right about needing a good laugh, thanks. A day late, but what the hell. Every day is Tuesday here...

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