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Comment Re:Then any law is racist (Score 1) 14

Borders are inhuman and inhumane. You dehumanize yourself and others in your advocacy for them. You reduce yourself to the poo flinging chimp. A long time ago borders may have been necessary. That is no longer so. In these modern times, the desire for them is pathological. You're illin', brother. Free yourself from your animal ancestry and desires, and become truly human.


Journal Journal: I guess New Orleans really is dead 2

Just washed away and scattered. Not that it matters now, but we all know it didn't have to happen. All the technical issues were trivial. Application is left wanting. I can only lament that the same people responsible continue to be rewarded and offered one chance after the other to do more of the same to whoever remains.

It's not New Orleans anymore. It's Orleans *Coffee Crystals*. They promise they won't know the difference. Well, maybe the tourists won't...

Comment Re:Then any law is racist (Score 1) 14

So.. the ends justify the means... Eh, I've been down that road before. You are rationalizing racism, what's this mutual you're talking about? Actually, I do understand, perfectly, I just disagree. I'm simply against it. There's nothing mutual to 'understand'. From your POV I can easily see why you are so defensive. I can only remind you to be grateful you're on top of the food chain. And that first step is a nasty one!

Feel free to keep at it. The book writes itself...

Variables don't; constants aren't.