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Comment: A big opportunity for the rest of Europe! (Score 5, Insightful) 877 877

All EU citizens should demand a referendum asking if the taxpayers should pay this 'debt' created by derivatives and fraudulent market trading, or tell the bankers to write it off, suck it up, and never again be allowed to put depositor funds at risk on this commodities shell game ever again. And I have no trouble using some form of asset forfeiture against them to recover some of the stolen funds.

Comment: Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 877 877

It doesn't scale to real situations.

It certainly would! Nothing would put a faster end to this kind of thievery than to see the perpetrators suffer real consequences and the money returned to the funds they were stolen from. They are running a confidence game to protect a criminally run industry, time to end it.

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