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Comment: Re: heh (Score 1) 248

I think the red herring is the 'increased production'. It never happened. Prices are set arbitrarily, just like interest rates. And we all know how well Libor handles that little business. To think that petro/dollar rates are set any different is totally naive. The whole 'supply and demand' thing is a complete fantasy outside the itty-bitty local market.

Comment: Re:Stupid ... (Score 2) 121

by fustakrakich (#49744337) Attached to: US Proposes Tighter Export Rules For Computer Security Tools

Looks like you haven't figured out who the politicians serve. Greedy, lying, clever, conniving little rats with illusions of grandeur, absolutely, the only stupid ones are those that lose, or get caught. They don't need to 'know' anything. The lobbyists tell their aides (they all carry their own stories) who tell them who to speak with and how to vote.

Comment: Re:Stupid ... (Score 2, Insightful) 121

by fustakrakich (#49743629) Attached to: US Proposes Tighter Export Rules For Computer Security Tools

Once again lawmakers don't understand the issue.

I hate it when you people say that! They have their orders. They understand perfectly well what they are doing. It is the voters that are ignorant and stupid and thus blindly follow them. And in that ignorance it is the voters that give value to the campaign dollar. The politician is not the idiot here.

Comment: Re:DHI (Score 1) 10

by fustakrakich (#49735657) Attached to: Dice Holdings Inc is now "DHI"

If Slashdot closed tomorrow, would Dice notice? It's not incompetence, it's apathy. Slashdot is a hollowed out shell that the spammers moved into, and it's only part of a collection of trinkets sitting on Dice's coffee table. Look at their history, nothing but a very fluid series of mergers and acquisitions. It has to be a tax thing.

Comment: Re:If they were Democrats (Score 1) 13

by fustakrakich (#49735507) Attached to: Can Republicans keep clowns off the debate stage?

I don't really know, or even care that much. The voters get what they want. It's just something to talk about, like the weather, or the Cubs. The presidency is ceremonial, like any other political position that answers to the money that fills the seat. In Reagan's case, he was 'discovered', or maybe rediscovered after the Dean Martin Roasts. I was very disappointed when Goldwater lost, I hated Johnson. Evidently, so did Nixon, but for different reasons. But... I'm the 'crazy conspiracy theorist'. I always did find the Official Narrative quite boring, and frankly quite incredible.

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