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A death threat isn't credible until an actual attempt has been made. And even then words are just words. Nobody has to listen or react in any way towards them. We're looking at another case of widespread attempted censorship here. She may be a fake, but the wannabe dictators will run with it.

Yeah, it's okay to put a price on someone's head. Governments do it all the time and few people complain about it. Now, the person who takes up the offer and tries something should be locked up tight. Everybody goes at this from exactly the wrong angle.

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I said I don't care about the outcome. The action arouses me to no end.. It's the show I find very entertaining. I go to a Cubs game, I don't care who wins (a lot of good it's gonna do me), I'm just out enjoying the game and a few beers. You are definitely fun to watch, but you personally lose points on style. And besides, I don't say you're "wrong", I just say you are natural. There is nothing "wrong" with that. It just makes all your words sound funny and stuff.

Hey batter Hey batter...

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Why me? I just strip away the fluff and relay the obvious in single syllable words when possible. Eh, maybe it's my disinterest in the outcome that puts everybody off. Without having a dog in this race, all I can do is call the play by play as it is. You could say I'm *losing my opinion*, and get my jollies from watching the dysfunctional.

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Unfortunately, isn't this laziness vs. strongman similar to the ignorance vs. evil-genius dichotomy pushed forth under Bush II by his opponents?

Yes, role reversal has been key throughout. Damn near word for word from both sides. Literally the "mirror gag". Will the poles flip again in 2016? Eh, doesn't matter. As long as it's one or the other, it's just the same old same old.

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