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Comment: Re:Not a technical problem, probably no solution (Score 1) 76

by fustakrakich (#48281959) Attached to: Smart Meters and New IoT Devices Cause Serious Concern

No, do not vote for the "less bad". It is completed owned by the "more bad", a subsidiary that keeps "more bad" in power. First, to have any meaning, the incumbency must be voted out entirely (25% would be an impressive baby step though). If that does not happen, then I will insist that the voter is asking to maintain business as usual, for whatever reason, it doesn't matter. But this whole "lesser evil" bullshit is what put and keeps us where we are today. The entire House of Representatives can be swept clean overnight, with simple push of a button, or touch of the screen. You won't regret it.

Comment: built-in camera — with facial recognition (Score 1) 76

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That is so cool!

"Good morning, Dave, would you like some coffee?"
"Yeah, and some toast and bacon"
"I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave. Your latest cholesterol report indicates dietary restrictions are necessary to complete the mission."
"Uhhhh, what mission?"
"You are to bring a copy of the Department of Agriculture's crop report to the office before it is publicly released, so we may adjust our portfolio."
"Hey! What year is this?!"
"This is the Beek's residence...?"
"NO! My name is "Buttle"!"
"Op, so sorry, we're off *click*... In other news, pentagon sources say the mysterious object being sighted is just a weather balloon... That's right, Al, and after the commercial break, Michelle's shoes! Ugh! Who does her shopping?"

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And very selective... It's gonna bite you on the ass some day. Nothing to be concerned about while you're top dog though. Not to worry, I know, like always, that's different! Like Beirut and Benghazi are "different", or Iran/Contra/cocaine and fast & furious are "different". Iraq and Afghanistan and "quantitative easing" and prohibition and civil asset forfeiture should have the entire government behind bars. One sided is your middle name, sir. Your "epiphany" is nowhere to be seen.

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The sad thing is that people still vote for republicans and democrats. The amount of corruption doesn't seem to matter, and mostly serves to keep the vote evenly divided between them. The charisma and propaganda conquers all and wipes the slate clean every time. And still you guys decide to single one out in the crowd of crooks you will vote for anyway. They are fish in a barrel, and you're just giving one to the dog while keeping the rest. Now, personally, this little charade doesn't bother me at all, it's rather amusing for the most part, but I am mystified why everybody complains so much about it. Unless of course it's just the craving for intrigue and high drama.

Well, whatever, here's hoping for a bit more introspection on what makes all this happen. Some people are in complete denial, and like it that way... All the money in the world is worthless if nobody wants it.

Remember, editorial "you"...

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It doesn't matter what level you're at. The politician represents his financiers, or he receives no financing. Our obligation is to seek out those that aren't on the organ grinder's leash between elections so we have somebody to put on the ballot. That's how they do it, and it shows.

The unfacts, did we have them, are too imprecisely few to warrant our certitude.