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Comment Re:When we say "tech industry" ... (Score 1) 97

The money should not make one bit of difference.... You saw that, right? The fact that it does is the problem. It is a result of our desire, nothing to do with the money itself. Controlling the desire is where the effort needs to be directed. The object really does not make a difference, money, sex, drugs, the same rules apply. But, it's much easier to project our own foibles onto something/someone else, and spend the next few millennia "debating" it. Yes, I live in blessed naivete (ironically I survive in spite it all), but between you, me, and the lamppost, I think I get to see the better show.

Comment Re:this has nothing to dow ith the tech industry (Score 1) 97

It is not human nature. Don't try to separate us. All of 'nature' responds to its environment precisely the same way. To become human you must transcend those desires, described as the *Seven Deadly Sins*. You are just following the herd. I will not blame you for that, self preservation and stuff works that way. I don't argue with proven survival traits. The only human thing you express are the denials (and the projection, of course). The rest is right out of the savanna.

Comment Re:When we say "tech industry" ... (Score 1) 97

The voters have to have their own personal 'epiphanies' and break away from the 'influence'. But let's not blame the influence. The real issue is that those won't resist and just want to play along. In the animal world the rules are absolute. We can make things a bit more 'fluid' if we ever decide to lose the fear. The simple fact is that we must be held responsible for our choices, and we shouldn't go crying when bad choices produce undesired results. It is the voter that gives value to the campaign dollar. The voter can, if he so desires, reduce that value to zero at any time.

Comment Re:this has nothing to dow ith the tech industry (Score 1) 97

Eh, do what you want, but while you're trolling away here, try to hit the right target. The problem is the voter is just goes along to get along. People like you, it seems. Don't rock the boat. Don't tip the apple cart. Wouldn't want to jeopardize the value of the pennies in your pocket. Just keep the game going.

Comment Re:Flow Batteries (Score 2) 87

On the negative side, flow batteries are rather complicated in comparison with standard batteries as they may require pumps, sensors, control units and secondary containment vessels.

Rube Goldberg reaches from the grave. For some reason people think complex means advanced.

If I'd known computer science was going to be like this, I'd never have given up being a rock 'n' roll star. -- G. Hirst