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Comment: Re:...eventually put people on butt (Score 2) 125

I'm not saying we have it now, but in the 50s, all the way up to the 70s, before security theater, it could be trivially done. Up until just a few years ago we could cross the Atlantic in 3 hours. We even had the ability to travel to the moon and back, but in the words of the famous inspector, "Not anymore"

Comment: Re:pretty much the opposite here (Score 1) 21

by fustakrakich (#49625419) Attached to: When did Net Neutrality change?

Some people actually believe that, yes, though they will evade and obfuscate to no end. An open market with equal access is an anathema to their ideals, and though they claim to be all for 'freedom' and stuff, what they really want is an privilege/entitlement system, a caste system, with indentured servitude. They dream of personal aristocracy. Some will even tell you that only property owners should be allowed to vote. To these people, a collective's investments and consensus and self defense are socialism, communism, terrorism, the cause of all their personal failures.

Comment: Re:pretty much the opposite here (Score 1) 21

by fustakrakich (#49624291) Attached to: When did Net Neutrality change?

Because, getting back to your original question, it is 'bad' when the collective (you and me, and everybody else) works together and does it, as opposed to merely allowing itself to be subjugated by the private businessman, who, if he does it, then it is 'good'. The act itself is almost irrelevant. Perception is everything. According to one person's book here, each man is an island, and is on his own.

Comment: Re:Trickle Down? (Score 1) 213

This is not a 'good' deed. It is a typical investment in a company that sells software, which sounds more like snake oil. Any 'good' coming from it for education in general will be entirely ancillary, a matter of luck. They are perfectly welcome to use their money as they wish, but save the bullshit for the believers.

Comment: Re:Lives be damned (Score 1) 300

ctually I would blame the regulator, and the regulations, and the congresscritters who voted for there not to be any.

You are blaming everybody but the people who constantly reelect those congresscritters because they *bring home the bacon*. This democracy thing is high maintenance. You gotta watch 'em like a hawk between the election cycles, day in and day out. It's the customer that has to act ethically, through their purchases and their votes.

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