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Comment Re:The missing link is mental illness (Score 1) 66

Yes, but a symptom that is comorbid enough with mass random shootings...

That is just not so sir. It is a convenient scapegoat, no different than Mr. Smith scapegoating the poor for the national 'debt'. The most common cause of these mass shootings, by far, is plain old hatred. And the shootings really aren't 'random', other than the stray bullet missing its intended target.

Comment Re:The missing link is mental illness (Score 1) 66

I don't get it. A terminally ill patient can't get prescribed heroin for pain relief, something which is truly and proven effective. So why is this crap any better? It's fucking snake oil. And since you brought it up, why aren't you speaking up against prohibition with the same gusto you use on Obamacare and Benghazi? Prohibition has killed a lot more than four Americans, and is indeed very racist in its implementation and enforcement, and from you, not a peep. Go figure.

Comment Re:Let's presume you're being honest for a moment (Score 1) 66

Depends where you apply the bigotry. If this were the 40s or 50s you would be on the same bandwagon against interracial marriage too, just because that what your friends would be doing, and racism was cool and popular back then, so naturally you are going to follow along, exactly like you do now. And then there's your ongoing denial that racism is still widespread. You are just unaware of the bugs under your feet. And your cries of "demographic cratering" when the vote doesn't go your way. I see that fear widespread in all your rags too, so your posts on the matter are quite unoriginal. Eh, whatever, I suppose I could replace "bigotry" with "banality" if that would make you feel better. Or should I just settle on "troll"? As long as you post opposition to equal rights, the labels stick better than epoxy. You cannot shake the truth!

Comment Re:Troll! (Score 1) 66

the plans are different not in degree but in kind.

It is exactly the opposite. It could be said that ACA is slightly less corrupt, but only slightly, being that there is no real opposition amongst any of these people, democrat, republican, Soros, and Adelson, all the same shit.

And we all thank dog that Social Security wasn't just handed off to Wall Street to be sent overseas in a tax dodge the way your idol wanted, confirming again that you worship these people and you are blinded by it. It would actually be bankrupt by now if that were to happen.

Comment Re:The answer is, "Republiucans and Democrats" (Score 1) 27

Yeah, and we're getting quite a belly laugh at all your rather malignant superstitions being proffered as 'truth'. What it offers to you is the power of distraction. You're still a political fanatic and idolator, or at least that is what you post, nothing but dogma, propaganda, and false gods.

"Conversion, fastidious Goddess, loves blood better than brick, and feasts most subtly on the human will." -- Virginia Woolf, "Mrs. Dalloway"