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Comment: Re:Radical Left allowed to run a country... (Score 1) 170

Facts that are hidden from view are no less valid. But very simple deduction and precedence(the courts cite it all the time in deciding cases. If it works for them, then I can use it too) can and frequently does suffice. Eh, all this is pointless while your personal bias blocks your vision. You fail to treat authority (especially that of your peeps) for the adversary that it is. Please, don't try to cry innocence with me. This is a proxy war amongst the great empires (the five families). And so is Greece for that matter, since that was the original subject. They also suffer from the influence of outsiders. This is what crashed their economy. The money was simply stolen, just like my pension.

Comment: Re:Radical Left allowed to run a country... (Score 1) 170

'Facts'? When did people start believing them? If they are where you say they are, then you too know where to look. There's too many to list, and they say things you don't want to hear. Citing precedence is more than sufficient. Of course not for you, but since you will simply spend your time poking holes to prop up the beliefs you cling to, I'm going to leave it that. And be happy, the mods are on your side.

Comment: Re:Radical Left allowed to run a country... (Score 1) 170

Are you going to blame the CIA for it?

Tell me why I shouldn't. If they're destabilizing the place like in the middle east and south Asia and Africa(The US has 'operations' in over 100 countries. Many are work for hire), high murder rates are going to be normal.

Comment: Re:Radical Left allowed to run a country... (Score 0) 170

You don't remember how Chile's economy was sabotaged before Allende was taken out? Venezuela's resources are just too valuable for the pirates to leave to the competition, been that way for what, about 500 years now? Your position here reflects a certain 'transparency' of where your loyalties lie.

Comment: Re:Money *needs* to be removed from Politics ... (Score 1) 169

I am at war with nobody. I am just not interested in bullshit. If I stand alone, so be it. I won't be obligated to 'play along'.

My two semi solutions are to put a ceiling on campaign contributions

That is censorship. I'm against it too. You are free to tune out and make all that money worthless and put the people you want on the ballot.

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