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Comment: Re:Unclear (Score 1) 20 20

It just needs respect, and the decision gave it a tiny bit more. Now if people follow through, all the better. Almost more newsworthy is the negative reaction. Old bigoted prejudices are roaring back to life, threatening the peace that could have been. Such is the desire and struggle for supremacy and dominace I guess.

You know, this really is old stuff

Why don't we legalize same-sex marriage? We can attract a growing segment of the marriage market and strike a blow for civil rights.
Yeah, them gay guys got lots of disposable income.
I can serve fancy drinks and charge ten bucks a pop.
What's in a martini? Gin and vermouth.
And that makes a what? A martini.
Never heard of it, but I'm still in favor of that same-sex marriage deal.
Then it's settled.
We'll legalize gay money-- I mean, uh, gay marriage.

These aren't the ghosts you're looking for.

Comment: Re:Oh (Score 1) 18 18

You have yet to prove the intrinsic necessity of 'meaning' (or the negativity of nihilism for that matter). The universe does fine without it. It is nothing but a desire of man in search of affirmation (daddy love me). It is a side effect of perceived loneliness, similar to the effects of sensory deprivation, wondering why your god doesn't answer. You're *looking for a sign*, everywhere but within. And your *too simple* ruse still doesn't fly. It's just your facade of superiority, the same old defense mechanism of obfuscation and evasion.

Comment: Eh, spies are gonna spy. Nobody fuckin' cares (Score 1) 139 139

But, it's something to talk about. little late maybe, but it helps me forget about my bunions, which really aren't that bad, I just need to wear big shoes, so I have to be careful on small stairs, but they have non-skid soles, so that's a plus...

A commune is where people join together to share their lack of wealth. -- R. Stallman