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by fustakrakich (#47929643) Attached to: Stop The Vultures?

You don't have to take it as a complaint per se. It is certainly nothing out of the ordinary. I just point out that man isn't so special with regards to other lifeforms. The ships all sail in the same direction. Lift up the pile of bones that civilization is built on. The grubs can be tasty.

As far as "achieving godhood" is concerned, I don't see it that way. We are in godhood. I don't understand the distinction that separates us from it, aside from normal brain function that filters it out like so much noise. Most of man's efforts are spent on preventing/denying it, in a kind of a "moonwalk" fashion, always putting up barriers.

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Would I'd the attention span to accomplish the half of what you claim, sir.

Everything you post is confirmation. Stating the obvious is not a claim, it is merely redundant. Everyone else knows it goes without mentioning. When you're looking for your car keys, I'm the one telling you you have them in your hands already.

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...regardless of what party they are.

Well see, the thing is that you are singling one out. I don't see the point in that. I mean, unless you want to argue about the crap that went on 30 years ago. Personally I'm not interested in picking over old bones that go back 10,000 years.

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The problem with this is the rules of congress say you have to pay for new spending.

Sorry, old man, we haven't finished discussing old spending.

And I'm very disappointed to see you too, carrying on with all this democrat/republican bullshit. Most of us have outgrown that.

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...they find a zillion excuses why the alternative isn't quite right for them...

Yes, Mr. Smith and I are having fun with that one right now. And I understand his point. It brings about great risk to various "traditions", and social position. You know the routine, there are those who think it's still best to build an airplane out of aluminum. Though I am interested myself to see how many 70 year old carbon fiber airplanes will be airworthy when the time comes around. Uh, where was I? Oh yeah... Welcome welcome to you bet your life... Say the secret woid and win a hundred dollars.

Listen, in case you're interested and want a little thing to rebuild the "old" you, maybe this might be of assistance... As you can see just plug anybody's number in there to see the other old timers. Enjoy it now. It might not last. This place is getting pretty old in dog years.

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