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Journal: When both sides are completely nuts 1

Journal by fustakrakich

Why the hell should I care who "wins"? What could possibly be nihilist about that? In a World Series game between the Yankees and the Dodgers, who the fuck cares? It's the Cubs you're supposed to be cheering on, whether they have a chance or not, it doesn't matter, unless you're actually placing money.

Funny how all things are alike.

Comment: Re:"Reagan's leadership" (Score 1) 18

Reagan/Thatcher were indeed neo-liberals, just like your Milton Friedman that they blindly followed. I suggest you look up the term if you don't believe me. And Obama is "conserving" the old ways. He, too is a neo-liberal. That's pretty much all we've had since Nixon. d_r is not far off the mark on that one. No more than you, that's for sure.

Anyway, you go ahead and keep up your Reagan devotion, it only proves that your views haven't changed one bit. I fully expect to hear you pimping the republicans and their zombie Reagans (tea party) in this coming election, and for many more to come, telling us they are the lesser evil, and d_r will be on the opposite side of the mirror saying exactly the same thing about his tribe. The personality thing has you hooked for good, with mass media doing your thinking for you.

And you shouldn't knock nihilism, unless of course, you can actually find something wrong with it.

Comment: Re:Different era (Score 1) 167

Fuck Reagan! He's dead, Jim... We've had 30 years to turn that shit around. Who the hell is to blame for that miserable failure, huh? Are you all going to keep on blaming the the people you all vote for every time you vote for some guy just like him? I won't say you deserve this, but you sure did ask for it. If you want to look at who to blame, you'd better look in the opposite direction. Dig?

Comment: Re:Which angle are you attacking from this time? (Score 1) 53

by fustakrakich (#47782247) Attached to: I must credit the president for being consistent

Biocentric works for me. I know you all like to think you're special, but you're not. You're just dominant. Which, of course, works perfectly in the might makes right universe. But since you seem to believe that all difference of opinion is due to drugs, when the very thing you advocate is due to the same, maybe we should just call it off. You needn't waste your time.

Comment: Re:"Reagan's leadership" (Score 1) 18

I think he's among our better Presidents...

And that's how I know you know nuttin' about nuttin'. To even conceive such absurd thing is totally beyond that could be considered real. You obviously have no idea of the damage that was done during that time period. See, I remember single income families...

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