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Journal Journal: Rudy Giuliani Prepares to Enter the GOP Race 1

Apparently he figured since there won't be a clear leader after Iowa and New Hampshire, he might as well jump in as well. With nothing else useful to say, Giuliani decided to attack the Super Bowl Halftime Show . As much as the current crop is a big crowd of idiots, Giuliani does have one thing the rest of the idiots don't have - a day on the calendar set aside to honor his infinite awesomeness. That must be an instant +10 delegates, at least.
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Journal Journal: Cruz won't even worry about truth this early 63

Did Ted Cruz gin up Iowa voter histories?
That is actually one of the kinder reviews of the campaign mailers that the Cruz campaign sent out. One of my favorite bits so far on this is that apparently the campaign arbitrarily picked either "55%", "65%", or "75%" as a voting "score" for the people they mailed these out to (some say this may have been in part because the state voting records don't have enough information to calculate this number).

The reply from Cruz himself is interesting:

Cruz himself said in Iowa: "I will apologize to no one for using every tool we can to encourage Iowa voters to come out and vote."

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Journal Journal: The Muse 1

If this is mangled, go here.
        I received a strange note, made of cut up magazines pasted to paper and slipped under my door. It read âoeYour muse has been kidnapped. If you want her back, meet under the Facebook Street Bridge after dark. Bring your wallet, passport, and an umbrella.â
        Crap, my muse was gone? I looked, and sure enough it was missing. It's really important to me, so I got my passport, made sure my wallet was in my pocket, and took an umbrella, even though the weatherman said there was no chance of rain. I went to the bridge around sunset and waited.
        The weatherman was wrong. As I waited under the bridge it started pouring. A little after dark a black limousine pulled up, and the rear door opened. âoeGet in,â a woman's voice said. I did.
        A mean looking short haired blonde in the front passenger seat was pointing a very large black handgun at me. âoeYou're not Neo,â the skinny dark haired girl in the back said accusingly.
        âoeMe?â I replied, scared to death. Or scared of death, maybe. âoeNo, I'm mcgrew, I don't know any Neo. I'm missing some property and someone said to wait under this bridge and I could get it back.â
        âoeOh,â said the blonde, putting the gun away. âoeMorpheus said to give you this,â and handed my muse to me!
        I put my muse in my jacket and started to open the door. The blonde had her gun out again. âoeFifty bucks, asshole!â
        I gave her two twenties and a ten. âoeWhy was I told to bring a passport?â I asked. The dark haired skinny girl laughed. âoeMorpheous was just fucking with you. Now get out!â
        I still can't figure out what that was all about...

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Journal Journal: Sorry for the delay ... but ...

I had written the first dozen or so chapters, and it's quite possible that putting all that mental energy into the nasty events of the past played a part in the 6-8 month depression that started last winter. I've also been troubled by the effects it would have had, even on the guilty parties ... just because someone might deserve a smack on the head doesn't mean I have to be the one to bear the guilt of actually administering it. And there is always collateral damage.

And then on the news last night, it turns out I've been violating the law big time. I don't have the legal right to release the story of what happened to me when I was a kid without first getting a court order to that effect. And I don't have the energy to do that, certainly not at this time.

So, now that I'm able to use a computer for more than an hour at a time because I can read well enough with my right eye, oh well, c'est la vie. Too bad because it's a damned interesting story according to everyone who knows it. Well, almost everyone. My sisters disagreed, same as with the whole sex change thing.

On to the next thing, I guess ...

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Journal Journal: Poor F*ckfox 3

Really got to hate how it can get so hung up on javascript that it can't even display the "stop script" dialog :-( That's definitely an implementation bug. Will it ever get fixed?

[_] I doubt it
[_] Ever heard of "heat death of the universe?"
[_] Hahahahahaha.
[_] It's not a bug, it's a feature. Really.
[_] We couldn't duplicate the bug (because we don't use firefox internally)
[_] Sorry, but with all the bazillions we're going to make from FirefoxOS, Fire TV Stick, FireFox Phone (not to be confused with the equally defunct FirePhone), Firefox Tablet, etc, we're just waiting to spin off the browser to some sucker.

I wouldn't say it's limping along quite as slowly as slackware, but ...

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Journal Journal: and you're gonna like it, too

"Wimbledon.com uses cookies.
We use simple text files called cookies, saved on your computer, to help us deliver the best experience for you. Click continue to acknowledge that you are happy to receive cookies from Wimbledon.com."

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Journal Journal: Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump, Univision buys 40% of The Onion 13

The New York Times and other sources are reporting that Sarah Palin is back in the spotlight, endorsing Donald Trump. Iowa republicans will just eat this up.

And a large chunk of The Onion has been sold to Univision

n a memo to employees, Mike McAvoy, the president and chief executive of Onion Inc., said the deal came after the company had searched for a partner during the last year to help the company grow. He said that after acquiring a âoegood chunkâ of Onion Inc., Univision could acquire the remainder of the company in the future. Time reports that Univision bought a 40% stake.

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Journal Journal: Art imitates life 1

The bibie:

One Book to rule them all,
One Book to find them,
One Book to bring them all,
And in the darkness bind them.

Burma Shave

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Journal Journal: GOP operatives celebrating their own stupidity 15

Republican Operatives Try to Help Bernie Sanders

Apparently some of the GOP brass have drank enough Jesus Juice that they believe they can beat Sanders, in spite of

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll finds him leading Trump nationally by 15 points, while Clinton leads Trump by 10 points.

The GOP fail spin is indeed quite amusing to watch. It's unclear how they will ever make it back out of the woods a second time. If Sanders won the nomination, the GOP would need more than their usual strategy of voter obstruction to keep him out of the white house. If he won the white house, they would only make themselves look even more ridiculous and hypocritical to keep with their strategy of congressional obstruction as a platform.

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Journal Journal: de-militarize the police 8

One good idea from the Dem debate tonight, from Bernie, was to de-militarize the police. I don't recall there being much in the way of specifics, beyond something about them not looking like an occupying force. But it got me thinking, thusly:

1) Make it illegal for the federal government to sell military gear to non-military entities, and make it illegal for civilian police forces purchase surplus military gear. (Whatever private individuals are allowed to buy would be unaltered.)

2) Remove SWAT teams from police forces and transfer them to each state's National Guard. Police would request SWAT assistance from them, with the idea that deployments would require more justification.

3) Remove military gear from non-military federal government agencies such as the DEA, ATF, and whichever others have them. I would include in this the overstocking of bullets; massive stockpiling of ammunition is quasi-military to me.

In short, no military-style operations on US soil. I don't care if it's under the guise of the WOT or the War on Drugs or any other war. All law enforcement business should be conducted as civilians dealing with (fellow) civilians.

An explicit, strict "Separation of Military and Police" doctrine. A separation between the two needs to become one of our national values. Maybe such a consciousness would change mindsets in police forces and cut down on brutality and lethality.

p.s. I think it was in a George Will column around Christmas where it was said that more monetary value was stolen by law enforcement in the country in 2015 than by criminals. So asset forfeiture laws are also obviously corrupting influences on police/policing forces and deserve to be looked at.

p.p.s. From the I-Told-You-So Dept.: "The Democratic [sic] Party in the United States worked since Harry Truman to get the Affordable Care Act passed. We finally have a path to universal healthcare." -- Hillary Clinton tonight

p.p.p.s. Currently playing in my head these days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOrXKiSy8ZY

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