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"They'll free your niggers!"

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  • Flawed.
    • Not at all. It's about the sanctity of property rights, pure and simple, and chattel slaves are property, just your regular commodity there. Put yourself in their culture, "properly educated", fully under its influence, with no possible inkling of what you've been taught today. You don't object to the protection of property rights, do you?

      • Put yourself in their culture

        I mean, if you're interested in an honest, global, historical analysis []:

        The kings of Dahomey sold their war captives into transatlantic slavery, who otherwise would have been killed in a ceremony known as the Annual Customs. As one of West Africa's principal slave states, Dahomey became extremely unpopular with neighbouring peoples.[75][76][77] Like the Bambara Empire to the east, the Khasso kingdoms depended heavily on the slave trade for their economy. A family's status was indicated by the number of slaves it owned, leading to wars for the sole purpose of taking more captives. This trade led the Khasso into increasing contact with the European settlements of Africa's west coast, particularly the French.[78] Benin grew increasingly rich during the 16th and 17th centuries on the slave trade with Europe; slaves from enemy states of the interior were sold, and carried to the Americas in Dutch and Portuguese ships. The Bight of Benin's shore soon came to be known as the "Slave Coast".[79]

        But I sense that your purpose here isn't to view Clay in his false, racist context. Rather, one surmises you may be about a Reverse Mussolini Fallacy [] play, saying that, because he made a racist remark (and, one can be reasonably confident in context, held racist views) that nothing else he'd to say is of value.

        • Again, it's not about racism. Their argument is about government taking of property. It actually places a limit as to what you can claim to own. Some day our culture will recognize the universal right to access, and will understand how primitive and paranoid present day culture is. The horror!

          BTW, that piece from your link gives us another tiny glimpse of how wealth and power are synonymous,and always will be until those with a conscious are no longer seen as mutants.

          • You will always be seen as a mutant.
            • by cffrost (885375)

              You will always be seen as a mutant.

              I agree — what with mutation's fundamental role in evolution, I regard fustakrakich as a highly evolved individual, as evidenced by his expressed views on social dynamics, exploitative and divisive power structures, and his valuation of society's most empowering liberties.

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