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Journal: 'Conspiracy Theory' vs. Official Narrative 5

Journal by fustakrakich

It is becoming even more obvious that the Official Narrative is being written by Hollywood (as work for hire, of course), not the other way around. Maybe that's what makes it so much more compelling. Really the very fuzzy dividing line is the production value, not the content. The interesting thing in all the kabuki is how people so easily dismiss out of hand any contradiction to the Official Narrative. The magic still works to this day. Obama wants to be Rambo. I see him more as Bart in Blazing Saddles, riding off in his limo into the sunset.

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Journal: Dystopia 7

Journal by fustakrakich

That's what this is... Somebody is wearing a hat! I'm sure you can find it in high def somewhere.

You know, if you are serious about things like term limits, you should apply them to the laws and all our treaties. Sunset everything, the entire damn government.

Memory fault - where am I?