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Journal: Ô Capitaine ! Mon Capitaine !

Journal by fustakrakich

You are so right! I have no business comparing a storm trooper to the emperor. I have found the the evil in a man's heart is completely limp when measured against what he does with his hands. It's like equating infinity with nothing. They actually cannot be compared. The difference between dictation and execution is so vast that it goes... unnoticed! To where it comes full circle and becomes the same thing in the eyes of far too many.

No no no! The storm trooper is far worse than the emperor! They are the emperor's hands!

Oh, and I feel no shame standing in front of anybody here...

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Journal: If you want to win unconditional surrender at ALL costs, no matter what... 42

Journal by fustakrakich

Then Dick Cheney is your man... One of the very few who, at the right price, will do anything you ask. And he did tell the truth. The CIA had full authorization, and that includes full consent of 98% of the people who voted. And he said he'd do it again in a minute. Your kind of guy, no? Put him back on the GOP ticket, and guess which amongst you would vote for him. Shouldn't be too difficult. And the democrats? Being the dumbasses they are, we already know what's up with them. Do we really need to waste space yammering about them anymore? Morons...

And while I'm on the subject, is there anybody who reads this JE who can honestly tell me they are against torture, no matter what? Don't give me any conditions of any kind. It's either yes or no. I expect, but probably will not receive the proper one word answer to the question. In fact I really expect no response at all, but maybe I could be pleasantly surprised. I really only want to know how much real physical savagery is permissible.

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Journal: Eat it, you damn bigots! Eat it raw! 5

Journal by fustakrakich

This is what is meant by religious freedom ...

You really need to have your noses rubbed in your own shit. But then please, clean it off, hop into the truck and head over to your church to celebrate on January 16th the true meaning of liberty... Bring your own ammo...

Funny that it was the Baptists of all people that pushed this. It seems that whatever happened to them is what later turned the republican faction into what it is today. When did the baptists become dixiecrats? What turned them into the most prominent bigots in the US? And how did this particular faction so successfully coopt what was really one of the greatest propagators of American civil rights? All the way up to....uh oh.. the 80s??? Oh shit... You don't think... he did it, do you? Oh, please! Say it ain't so! No no no! This can't be! That would be like discovering the greatest heroes of the American 'Revolution' were... FRENCH!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! HEELLLPP MEEE!!!

*rah rah rah... That's the spirits we have here...*

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Journal: They've killed Slashdot! 2

Journal by fustakrakich

With the messaging system down, it's like everybody is blind. Even the front page stories are devoid of comments. Maybe it's intentional, since it makes much more difficult to filter out the spam. Poor Slashdot... Maybe it really is time to let go...

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Journal: The republican majority benfits the democratic party* 4

Journal by fustakrakich

*how I learned to love electronic voting...

Before, I used to believe the ACA was a crime of opportunity. With the democrat majority in both houses, the republicans could get their insurance bill passed without having to put up a single vote. Smell that flowery aroma surrounding them? Yeah, it worked perfectly, and still is. The show has been one hell of a diversion. Millions of people like Smith and pudge are still believers in the gag. Okay, old story, on to new business...

So, now we have a different dilemma, and a bit of role reversal. The democrats (and republicans) want to get this Keystone and TPP and various other ripoffs out of the way before they can attract too much more attention, before 2016 if possible. But there's a problem. The democrats are the fluffy bunny party, and they held the majority in the Senate. They can't sign off on a deal to have containers of fluffy bunnies shipped from China to be soaked in tar in Canada and shot through a tube to Houston to be put on a boat to Belgium to make chocolate confectioneries in time for Easter.. So... What to do.... I know! With the votes too close to call and these new contraptions they're using to tally the count, it will be trivial to nudge the table without tilting the machine. Voila! You tagged your partner into the ring. Majority to republicans, the bills cruise on through, and as the president signs them, the democrats can blame the new republican majority for being environmental nazis/slaves of the telecoms, keeping the vote evenly divided for the '16 race, everybody's happy.

I have become more convinced than ever that consent is indeed being manufactured through this type of fraud. To be able to keep independents out of congress so completely and effectively takes some serious bullshit. It is too bad everyone is too stark struck by celebrity politics to look into it.

Mediocrity finds safety in standardization. -- Frederick Crane