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Journal: They've killed Slashdot! 2

Journal by fustakrakich

With the messaging system down, it's like everybody is blind. Even the front page stories are devoid of comments. Maybe it's intentional, since it makes much more difficult to filter out the spam. Poor Slashdot... Maybe it really is time to let go...

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Journal: The republican majority benfits the democratic party* 4

Journal by fustakrakich

*how I learned to love electronic voting...

Before, I used to believe the ACA was a crime of opportunity. With the democrat majority in both houses, the republicans could get their insurance bill passed without having to put up a single vote. Smell that flowery aroma surrounding them? Yeah, it worked perfectly, and still is. The show has been one hell of a diversion. Millions of people like Smith and pudge are still believers in the gag. Okay, old story, on to new business...

So, now we have a different dilemma, and a bit of role reversal. The democrats (and republicans) want to get this Keystone and TPP and various other ripoffs out of the way before they can attract too much more attention, before 2016 if possible. But there's a problem. The democrats are the fluffy bunny party, and they held the majority in the Senate. They can't sign off on a deal to have containers of fluffy bunnies shipped from China to be soaked in tar in Canada and shot through a tube to Houston to be put on a boat to Belgium to make chocolate confectioneries in time for Easter.. So... What to do.... I know! With the votes too close to call and these new contraptions they're using to tally the count, it will be trivial to nudge the table without tilting the machine. Voila! You tagged your partner into the ring. Majority to republicans, the bills cruise on through, and as the president signs them, the democrats can blame the new republican majority for being environmental nazis/slaves of the telecoms, keeping the vote evenly divided for the '16 race, everybody's happy.

I have become more convinced than ever that consent is indeed being manufactured through this type of fraud. To be able to keep independents out of congress so completely and effectively takes some serious bullshit. It is too bad everyone is too stark struck by celebrity politics to look into it.

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Journal: The perfect crime 3

Journal by fustakrakich

When you can keep elections so perfectly divided down the middle, it is very easy to 'miscount' the vote to produce a desired result without anybody noticing.

Something stinks...

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Journal: Very Bad News Everybody!

Journal by fustakrakich

It appears you can no longer go back more than 66 pages in front page news stories, where previously you could go all the way back to 1999. If this is actually a permanent thing, then Slashdot is truly dead, and it is no longer worth lingering around here. Shame on you, Dice. You are horrible people. You killed a great web site. All to make space for the spammers in the Journal section.

If this is only temporary, I take back everything.

Thank you

PS: Grab your old journals, and those of your best friends while you still can. This will probably disappear also, along with your old style user page that keeps a tally of your total comment count.

Oh woe to sweet Slashdot! The end is nigh... to be scattered into the abyss of the quantum vortex in the space-time continuum... *The dream, is over*

PSS: It appears the stories are still on the site. That is very good news. They're just not available on the old fronts pages. That is still bad news. I will keep searching for a way into the archives..

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Journal: Dumbass Democrats Deserve Defeat 7

Journal by fustakrakich

This is what you get for electing such dorks... But heeyyyy, no problemo, in 10 or 12 years 50.1% will be pissed at the republicans again... for another 6 or 8... and then, like the end of Daylight Savings Time, we set the clocks back (Shut up! I'm just having a bit of partisan fun, you silly bitch!)

To any of you who still doubt the success of Bernays' work, well, all I can say is, PFFFFT! Not a single independent in the house... Public relations is some powerful shit on the individual who surrenders to the collective, which apparently, 99% of them do. It produces election results, and, it produces radical fanatics financed by the war machine. Through all of you it produces heaven and hell, god and satan. It's all spelled out. We know why, but we still have no lasting antidote, only the bourgeois(UGH!) 'revolution'. And what would the 'antidote' be to one of nature's more basic survival instincts of staying with the herd anyway? Better ice cream, perhaps? That always seems to work. Something like *a new hat*... Since breaking up the herd isn't an option, all that's left is to try to steer it. But fuck that. The better option is to sell the ranch and move to the tropics, and politely ask that you stay off my lawn. No, actually you are welcome, just have the courtesy to remove the clip and empty the chamber.

On the spectator side, if you're a betting man, Jeb just might pay off (yeah, republicans are morons also, but if they win, who cares? A good poker face can up the payoffs), especially if the dems are actually stupid enough to put up Ms. Hillary, which I really doubt right now, but, as dumb as they are, you never know. We do know that both sides have to be careful not to let things get too lopsided one way or the other. As the cliche goes, the object is not to win, but not to lose, and to keep the game going.

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Journal: Farting into the wind.

Journal by fustakrakich

The wind feels too good for me to care. Besides, if I don't fart, I feel very bloated. So, enjoy the aroma. It'll pass.

And just to let you know, you all passed the audition. The check is in the mail. Thank you for your participation. Have a good day.

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Journal: !!! DANGER WILL ROBINSON !!! 9

Journal by fustakrakich

I just noticed the little "flag" on the comments now. *I have a bad feeling about this*

Woe to Slashdot if what might happen actually happens.

Eh, not really. Slashdot will slog along just fine without me. Probably better...

Is there any other place that is as indelible as Slashdot has been for 15 years? I don't ask for much...

God doesn't play dice. -- Albert Einstein