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The Military

Journal Journal: HA! And you say American foreign policy is weak! 9

With Russia's (well, everybody's) petro dollar conveniently in the tank, now is the time for a nice little build up, wouldn't you say?

"This is a message that we see what they're capable of, and what their political leadership is willing to do", said the mysterious administration official...

Probably not much in either case.


Journal Journal: $0.999 5

It's a real possibly, with Iran adding to the glut. The big difference between this and '86 is that now the renewables are cost competitive... Well, maybe not at 20 bucks a barrel, but we shouldn't see 100 ever again. Too bad for all those governments budgeting on that...

Hee hee hee... Thanks Obama!


Journal Journal: The roller-coaster is starting 1

Does this mark the beginning of the day trading season? I never thought that watching Yahoo live could be so exciting...

Oil at 29.49... Maybe the airlines can put another peanut into the bag.


Journal Journal: Centrists on the march

While the middle-of-the-roaders are pushing hard for a Clinton v. Rubio match up, the first of the potential republican V.P. candidates steps up to the podium. Rubio/Haley is not such a big stretch. It would definitely be a PR bonanza and give us a pretty good race to the finish.


Journal Journal: Understatement of the day... 9

At the end of the day, market psychology can itself become an economic 'fundamental'.

"can" become??! It is THE fundamental.. It is why economists are so full of shit.

I kinda wish my friends and a couple of other notables would break away from the kiddie table and lend their thoughts to real business, if even for the briefest moment. This is not an attempt to change your vote. That of course is futile. At the end of the day, your fucking politicians will still be there. I just wonder if you are already set, planning now, or are just going to complain afterwards. It's almost like a Slashdot poll, if you want to see it that way.


Journal Journal: a "national embarrassment"

Australia's dramatic rise in sternly-worded letters

"Once upon a time, middle-class Australians were able to deal with their angst, frustrations and crippling mental derangements in a much more efficient manner,"

"That being, the act of purchasing a firearm at their local hunting store, and then, pending on background checks, firing it at innocent people before turning it on themselves,"

"Howard has dramatically changed the way our most sociopathic citizens communicate,"

"Gone are the days where they were able to get sufficient attention by simply walking into a department store or playground. They are now left to deal with a web of consumer relations bureaucrats..."

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