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Journal: One word to describe the Clinton campaign


Are we really so cynical as to reward this? Eh, whatever, I still don't believe she's in it to win. She and Sanders are merely keeping the money corralled within the party. If Biden steps in, they'll probably go with him (it's the name you know!), and then it's a two headed coin toss between the Dodgers and the Yankees, again. Not because the choice is limited, it is just what 98+% will choose.

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Journal: The clown car is funny and all... 1 1

But there is little doubt who is tagging along behind in the short bus, the people who vote for democrats. They make the Reagan worshipers look like atheist rum runners., No matter how crazy their opposition may look, I have yet to see a more sorrowful band of suckers as these people.

So, every once in a while I bump into a moron or two that insist that their man would never have started the war in Iraq. This is their basic and continuing justification for whining about the election. They actually think they are different. Only, there's something wrong with their little fantasy. I mean, it wasn't the most evil, diabolical Dick Cheney who sponsored the bill in the senate. It was somebody else entirely. quelle surprise!

But please, don't let any of this stop you from giving me shit. I really do like rolling in it. I can be in a plane full of screaming babies (that is what you people are, after all) and sleep like the dead.

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Journal: So the government laid down the law 1 1

Let's see if they're going send in the troops to enforce it this time.

You know, it kinda sucks that a person has to have his/her personhood written to law, as opposed to just being naturally recognized and respected. But I suspect this will always be the case as long as one group always dominates. Heh, but that supremacy is waning, and we see the panic rising. To be mere equals?! Perish the thought!

But while we're on the subject, we have a two edged sword here, don't we? If I am to expect the feds to enforce these laws, I have expect the same for all laws, which, unfortunately include prohibition, and more than a few others the need close inspection. And this only increases the urgency of getting those laws off the books pronto. Just another reason that all legislation needs to have sunset provisions.

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Journal: Crazy precludes victory? Not in this house it doesn't! 1 1

Sorry for the shameless plug , but I simply could not resist!

Yeah yeah, it's Europe, but it should serve as notice that here too, we suffer the same illness and our elections are not 'predestined'. Oh, the empire still stands for the Queen no matter what, but strictly as a matter of taste, it should consider putting on a muumuu to cover up a little of that jell-o.

Yes, we will be going to OSI, Mars, and Pluto, but not necessarily in that order. -- Jeffrey Honig