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User Journal

Journal: The demographic 'threat'

Journal by fustakrakich

Media polls indicate Americans are becoming less religious. Unfortunately these numbers aren't reflected in the vote. So I really can't believe them until I see a significant change in congress. It would be interesting to see a new 'enlightenment' wash over the planet in my lifetime. Here's to hope!

User Journal

Journal: You need more proof that republicans work for the democrats? 1

Journal by fustakrakich

Sarah Palin is Co-Chair of Ready for Hillary's National Finance Council!

And you dummies keep on insisting that I'm the idiot. That's okay, *proceed*, and you'll get your Hillary, the next best thing to Saint Ronnie himself.

This JE is a preemptive 'I told you so' (shhh!).

I still think she'll do better to go after Kissinger's gig. From there she can direct the next six to eight presidents. Perish the thought!

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