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fustakrakich's Journal: Another Slashdot record is smashed 2

Journal by fustakrakich

Over 1400 bot posts in the journal section in 24 hours. I'm convinced they're intentionally letting this happen, but I don't know the reason yet. Maybe they're looking for an excuse to start deleting user posts and journals, as opposed to making a feeble effort to make sure there is a human behind every account. So, for now, the only way to filter out the spam is to friend people that aren't spamming.

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Another Slashdot record is smashed

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  • You can write more than a Tweet, but it pretty much sucks otherwise.
    Maybe the flame wars are better here.
  • Slashdot has a long tradition of minimal interference, particularly in the form of anti-censorship. I can sympathize with (and support) their reluctance to make changes to those long-standing policies.

    As far as journal entries: I'm only notified about JEs made by those on my Friends list; perhaps Slashdot's admins assume that this is the method by which most users participate in journal discussions. (Recall that I once asked you how you could even know the what the volume of JE spam was; I had no idea it wa

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