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Real Time Strategy (Games)

Journal Journal: Do not conflate voting with betting 15

Place your vote on the person you would most like to win.

Place your bet on the person you think most likely to win.

For me it has never been the same person. Statistically my vote doesn't count or exist.* Some people like to use this little fact to project a false image. In a similar fashion the betting parlors can project a false image of a "desire" for a specific candidate. No, it is merely a prediction.

*My bets fare better, at least I break even


Journal Journal: "The men who work war, who make war, are cursed

"they are criminals"

Indeed your denials are the height of cynicism, though still fascinating. To maintain them requires and reveals at least a tiny bit of sociopathy, a lack of empathy. This is what the archivists will see. I suppose that this too is a survival trait of the ambitious man, and to deny its influence is of course, perfectly natural, though I dare say, more than a bit primitive and reactionary. You prove the very concept of evolution itself by carrying the animals vestiges of our past. You provide the "missing" link of our emergence as a species. You are the chimp!

The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: Ben Franklin

Is he as recognizable in full color as he is in gray/green monochrome?

All the papers are still playing the game: " Islamic militants attack Mali Hotel".

Replace "Islamic militants" with the more generic "hired gunmen". The branding is part and parcel to the attack itself. It is advertisement to sell the war.

The terrordollar is replacing the petrodollar as the universal currency. But the distractions will continue to dominate the narrative.

The Matrix

Journal Journal: Abu Khaled, 2

like other ISIS members, was paid $100 per month, in U.S. greenbacks, not Syrian lira, despite the latter being the coin of the realm in al-Bab. Currency exchange houses exist in the city where ISIS employees can take their salaries for conversion, although they scarcely need to, given the freebies that come with ISIS employment.

"I rented a house, which was paid for by ISIS," Abu Khaled told me. "It cost $50 per month. They paid for the house, the electricity. Plus, I was married, so I got an additional $50 per month for my wife. If you have kids, you get $35 for each. If you have parents, they pay $50 for each parent. This is a welfare state."

"This is why a lot of people are joining," said Abu Khaled. "I knew a mason who worked construction. He used to get 1,000 lira per day. That's nothing. Now he's joined ISIS and gets 35,000 lira---$100 for himself, $50 for his wife, $35 for his kids. He makes $600 to $700 per month. He gave up masonry. He's just a fighter now, but he joined for the income."

No, man! It's Islam!

ISIS is absolutely paranoid about infiltration, and its wild dragnets for capturing fifth columnists and foreign agents seem premised on preemption rather than exposure. Fear must be maintained to keep people from so much as thinking of resistance. And in the frenzy, inevitably, ISIS devours some of its own.

So, they too, can only be distinguished by degree, not category, it seems.

But here on Slashdot, it's all about the wrong religion.. Ah well, carry on with the circle jerk, I guess. The whole planet wants play philosopher...


Journal Journal: The final results are in from the Benghazi 'investigation' 12

The entire thing is a taxpayer funded Republican campaign initiative. And of course it successfully diverted attention away from the weapons smuggling. The exclusive focus should have been a dead giveaway, it was exactly like what was claimed about the IRS and its 501(c)(3) scam. And, given precedent, they probably spent most of the day surfing the web, posting on Slashdot? Perish the thought!


Journal Journal: *I love good music* 1

*So do I, let's get out of here*

You crazy motherfuckers gotta lighten up...

What the hell am I doing that compels a response?? I mean, there are quite a few here that can operate their little echo chambers and completely blow me off. Try following their example here, as well as the ballot box, where you already do... and be happy. You won't find me outside the swamp chasing after anybody evangelizing my bullshit. I just leave the door open, so you know the routine.

"Spock, did you see the looks on their faces?" "Yes, Captain, a sort of vacant contentment."