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Comment: Time to put the dog down? (Score 1) 3

by fustakrakich (#48440125) Attached to: Kevlar Kandidate Kicks Himself

I noticed that comments are getting sparse on the front page too...

By the time you finally do get your messages, the articles and JEs will be archived...

I've always liked this place. They were very stable, and almost indelible. And now it's starting to look like your average abandoned Olympic Village, left to rot, with spam graffiti sprayed all over the journal section and even the front page, all to gain a 'wider' audience. Maybe the owners are just letting the lease to run out. I'm sure they bought the place just to flip it.

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Journal: They've killed Slashdot!

Journal by fustakrakich

With the messaging system down, it's like everybody is blind. Even the front page stories are devoid of comments. Maybe it's intentional, since it makes much more difficult to filter out the spam. Poor Slashdot... Maybe it really is time to let go...

Comment: Re:Rape Apologetics Go Here (Score 1) 234

by fustakrakich (#48434347) Attached to: Swedish Court Refuses To Revoke Julian Assange's Arrest Warrant

Yes, the man is a predator. Find me a successful politician who isn't. The IMF is one thing. He was also running for president(?) in the French elections. Dirty politics abound. He was thrown under the bus by his fellow rapists. And from what I can gather, he's still living pretty well.

On Assange, I put forth the question, where's his money coming from? I wonder if he has a maid :-)

Comment: Re:Subterranean BS. (Score 1) 71

Yeah, well, stop voting for them, or, as they say, quitcherbellyachin... In the meantime, everybody needs to look at this as an incentive to circumvent the corporate wire, and maybe be a bit more careful who they vote for. Nobody is forcing them to vote for corruption. As far as I can tell, they're doing just like American voters looking to vote themselves a bigger piece of the pie. This is the result. The government governed by majority rule is only a reflection of the majority. It rewards corruption. Don't blame the corrupt politician for being successful at what he does. That's like punishing a dog for obeying your commands.

Comment: Re:It's all bullshit (Score 1) 143

by fustakrakich (#48434001) Attached to: Greenwald Advises Market-Based Solution To Mass Surveillance

Fine, then don't blame anybody but the individuals in the collective. Everybody has the whole thing completely backwards. This is intentional, to avoid responsibility for the consequences of their own choices. 98% of the world disagrees with me. It don't mean shit. 98% of the world is what gave you the system you have. Without them, your "one percenters" would have nothing.

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