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Comment: Re:Of course I do! (Score 1) 24

by fustakrakich (#49367567) Attached to: Does #OccupyResoluteDesk Read Slashdot?

So yes, I am the POTUS. I read slashdot regularly. And I am looking forward to collapsing - like a lawnchair - repeatedly to GOP pressures over the next 2 years.

Well, you did vote for him, twice, so there's really not any difference.

He didn't 'collapse', he lied. In your excess of faith you chose to believe, and still do.

+ - SPAM: There's a big problem

Submitted by fustakrakich
fustakrakich (1673220) writes "Why don't we have the identities of the Germanwings cockpit crew? What will their names reveal that somebody doesn't want revealed? It's bogus. We should not allow this kind of secrecy, ever."

In Nature there are neither rewards nor punishments, there are consequences. -- R.G. Ingersoll