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Comment Re:Holy Cow (Score 2) 223

I have seen the change logs, and in my opinion they reflect no improvement over the decades old all inclusive program that preceded it. And for those who remember, when it first came out Firefox was supposed to be lean and fast and *stripped of cruft*. It's not any of those things now. I don't know of any single browser right now that is not a 30+ megabyte download, and they all run about the same speed. I see no disadvantage of sticking with something a bit more familiar that I can run for years without having to think about "upgrades". And when I do upgrade, at least it still has the same familiar face from last century, hasn't aged a bit.

Comment Re:I guess I haven't understood this (Score 1) 26

The "elite" is all there is in the GOP (and the dems). That's all that ever was. You, as part of your narrative, consider this a recent phenomenon, but it is not. And your "strawman" nonsense is a meaningless cop out, the exact equivalent of Hillary's "artful smear" charade she tries to pull on people who bring up her obligations to her donors. But still funniest of all is when you try to tell me the republicans are less prone to this stuff, your entire ruse (troll) falls flat..

Comment Re:Holy Cow (Score 4, Insightful) 223

Well, the key word now is "improvement", isn't it? That seems to be a matter of perception. I would love to know where the "improvements" are in a program that is no faster than, has grown just as fat as, and still has less than a quarter of the user features of its ancestor. Most of the processing is used to hide the garbage.

Comment Re: Wake up, Mozilla morons (Score 1) 223

Ironically Mozilla does put out a very long-term stable web browser. They just don't push it like they do with Firefox. And yes, I do believe that users would prefer longer term stability. They just don't take to initiative to look for it, right in front of their nose. And no, I don't like automatic updates. They are untrustworthy and can break your machine. It is an unnecessary risk.

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