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Comment: Its all about THE CLOUD (Score 1, Informative) 421

What people don't get is this. Microsoft is totally being left out of the cloud.<br><br>The fact is that no cloud provider wants to keep track of licenses, so all cloud platforms, all the new and exciting PaaS platforms etc. are based on ALL OPEN SOURCE. And there is a reason for this.<br><br>When you are offering a system that can fire up nodes and destroy them dynamically and on-demand, its just not worth it to have to keep track of some piece of that being commercially licensed and all the restrictions you end up with on your freedom to fire up new nodes on demand etc..<br><br>Microsoft has been totally shut out of the cloud offerings and PaaS developments out there because licensed software slows you down and restricts all the freedoms to be dynamic in a cloud world that makes it attractive in the first place.<br><br>Maybe if open source<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.Net takes off we will see it begin to become another offering by cloud providers and as part of popular PaaS platforms.

Comment: Re: Is an app for landing commercial jets... (Score 5, Informative) 532

by furry_wookie (#34952114) Attached to: Electronics In Flight &mdash; Danger Or Distraction?
>pilots do not wait until the aircraft is 300 feet off

Actually your REQUIRED TO perform full autolands every 90 days in each aircraft in order to keep it certified to perform such landings when you 'really' need its help.

(work for airline, wrote the system that keeps track of the compliance)

Also have been in aircraft cockpit several times during autolands and even performed one myself in the full SIM. It's pretty amazing.

Comment: HAM Radio is the way to go. (Score 4, Informative) 504

by furry_wookie (#26436309) Attached to: Internet Communications While At Sea?
Just get a HAM license, and use WINLINK/AIRMAIL and you can have all the free email you want.


You can run winlink over HF using any HF radio ($200+) and a decent wire antenna on the ship.

Its very popular for sea and also use in remote locations by Missionaries in Africa etc..

You can also use APRS to do automatic position reporting for your ship over HF Radio as well and your family would be able to track your location on a map. http://www.findu.com/

There are also various 'nets' where people all get together on a particular frequency and exchange messages etc. HAM's sill provide national message traffic passing services (Aka TELEGRAMS) for health and welfare messages for people. This is one of the main function that HAM's provide for RedCross, disaster locations etc.

You can come to the net and pick up and messages, and send a telegram to any family friends via HF voice.


Amateur(HAM) Radio is a very very valuable addition to worldwide boating activities.

Comment: Re:go with diesel (Score 2, Interesting) 695

by furry_wookie (#26285845) Attached to: Home Generators (or How DTE Energy Ruined My Holidays)

1) Gasoline is just as explosive as DYNOMITE, its SUPER SUPER dangerous to store. Diesel can be stored very safely for a long time, its not even really flammable hardly, and zero explosive dangers. Also its very dangerous to refill a hot generator with gasoline, diesel is safe enough to pretty much keep it running and refill it on the fly.

2) Gasoline generators usually run at about 6000RPM and are LOUD, Diesel generators run at about ONLY 1500-2000 RPM and are much much more quiet because of it.

3) Gasoline engines are only rated for a life expectancy of hundreds of hours. Diesel generator engines are rated for many thousands and more reliable over that lifetime to boot.

4) When all the gas stations are closed and you can't get anymore (because you were at lease not stupid enough to try and store gasoline on site), you can always steal some diesel from the national guard trucks when they are not looking. :)

Comment: Re:why aRe:They're glowing! (Score 1) 898

by furry_wookie (#26254229) Attached to: First Look At Windows 7 Beta 1

>You can be SO fast at starting programs or finding files
>by just hitting the Windows key and typing the first few letters.

Congratulations.... Windows just got a half baked copy of yet something else that has been on MacOS for a long time. Now make it work in browser bars, open websites, do math, work in any dialog box in the system etc.. and you can call it equal to what MacOS has had for years.



+ - Delphi for PHP

Submitted by santakrooz
santakrooz (517854) writes "from International PHP Magazine — The popularity of PHP is well known as many web developers today use PHP to develop modern web applications as PHP provides freedom to create dynamic web applications with apt database connectivity. However, PHP web development is facing a drawback by the lack of a powerful RAD visual development environment. Delphi for PHP provides the platform for PHP to remove this drawback. It is touted as the first completely integrated visual Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment for PHP. Delphi's already established Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach means getting adapted to a new development environment without spending valuable time in learning it. The PHP editor provided in Delphi helps in debugging and increasing coding speed and efficiency. The function of the integrated VCL for PHP 5 component class library lets you quickly and visually creates PHP web applications and integrates PHP open source components. Delphi for PHP has an integrated PHP 5 class library called Visual Component Library (VCL for PHP). A customizable palette of over 50 reusable components which can include buttons, labels, check boxes, images, DHTML menus, flash objects, grids, tree views, list boxes and more. Database components are also available for accessing databases, tables, queries, and stored procedures, as well as data grids and navigation. Another advantage provided is that you can extend the VCL for PHP at any time with your own components, or use components offered through the open source PHP platform. Delphi for PHP makes it easy to create your own components and install customized packages to use in the IDE. The VCL for PHP makes it simple for you to develop new classes, because every component is built in pure PHP."
User Journal

+ - Why GREAT games aren't the best for us

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "An interesting read to all gamers.
Why does the new Command & Conquer feel old? Why aren't GREAT games the best for the gaming market?

playREACTION writes an interesting article about the author's feelings why GREAT games are damaging to all other games that don't make the par.

Here's a snippet:
Have you had the pleasures of trying out different massively multiplayer online games? Lineage II, Eve online, Guild Wars, Star Wars Galaxies, ArchLord, bla bla bla. You automatically compare them to the crowned champion, WoW. And they fall out of the skies quicker than you can say 'Peter's paladin's profession'. We know it's healthy for Blizzard's bank account, but is this healthy for the gaming market? I tend to think that we shouldn't give all our money to Blizzard just because they deserve it. We should also give some to the rest so they can actively compete with WoW with new ideas, gameplay, graphics etc. How can you compete with WoW when your development budget is less than WoW's population rate? The games industry is suffering because of this.

Read the full article at playREACTION.com."

+ - Back to the Soviet Future?

Submitted by
reporter writes "According to a disturbing report by the "New York Times", "An unusually large and unruly protest against the government of President Vladimir V. Putin ended here Saturday in clashes with the police and the arrest of opposition leaders. [...] As [Sergey V. Gulayev] spoke, riot police shoved through the crowd and grabbed the bullhorn from his hands, smashing it against the wall of a building. A policeman put Mr. Gulayev, grimacing, in a headlock and dragged him into a police vehicle as members of the crowd yelled 'Shame! Shame!'" Is Russia regressing back into the Soviet Union?"

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