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by furby076 (#31525784) Attached to: Filming For <em>The Hobbit</em> Begins In July
That doesn't mean this will suck. There is no reason to not give something a chance other then to be a naysayer. BTW, not that I read them, but I know many people who are huge fans of the star wars and star trek which some like the star wars/trek movies and some do not.

In the end, instead of saying "this is gonna suck" without any basis (and none of us have ANY basis since the author hasn't even written it) we should give it a shot. I am looking forward to this. I enjoyed the LOTR movies and hope to enjoy these two hobit ones.

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by furby076 (#31525680) Attached to: 3-D Printer Creates Buildings From Dust and Glue
I remember the tv show, beyond 2000, back in the early 90s. One of the items they talked about was being able to fax someone objects. So you would scan it, and it would send (over the phone lines) a fax to someone who had a similar machine and the machine would create the object.

Is this step 1 to that?

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A sequel NOT written by Tolkien? Ew. How about instead another prequel taken from The Silmarillion? That would be full of awesome, almost guaranteed to win several internets.

Funny, your message and writing style seem remarkably like this guy Copy So did you copy from this guy, or are you dual accounting?

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How is the above insightful? How is that poster anymore then a standard nay-saying fanboy? The person is shooting down a sequel BEFORE it is even written let alone time for him to read it before it is filmed.

I swear we wonder how we get people in congress who shoot down ideas or pass retarded laws that make no sense - when they have no clue about the subject matter (e.g. IP, copyright, net neutrality, patents)....well don't wonder anymore - our local politicians are doing the same thing the OP is doing speaking before they know what the subject matter entails...

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They're interested in getting the most effort out of their employees for the least possible reward

Oh, that's quite easy. "Bring me a bag of gold...your reward...a ration". Failing = death, not doing the quest equals finding new work (e.g. being fired and getting a new job, assuming you meet the level requirements aka skillset)

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To "own"? Let's not kid ourselves here... there's no real ownership involved unless there is a way to get DRM-free files in 720p off the device using anything other than your eyeballs. I seriously doubt there is, which makes this just a really expensive rental service. I'm sure there are already lots of services which feature renting movies from all 6 major studios while taking your money and laughing about it.

Really - your eyeballs can get files off a device? So should I call you Jordi LaForge?

Not that I would use this service (I prefer having the physical media), but if I get to d/l it to my computer, and it resides there as long as I so choose to keep it then I own the right to view the movie as much as I want. I don't own the movie, that ownership resides with the company that released it...but I own the right to view it. Same thing if I buy a dvd from a store. It's about preference. My friend prefers to have his movies on hard drive, i prefer to keep it on disk.

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It's a funny looking picture. How many famous scientists put out a picture like that? He is also one of the most recognizable faces in the science community. Yes there are more famous people - but do we know what they look like? How many of these scientists have multiple movies based on their lives? It's more then his political agenda.

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Scientific studies performed without a reason have historically produced results that we can apply to practical applications. This doesnt' always happen and then someone comes around saying "but why are we wasting money on X worthless study"....but what if that study gave us some new piece of knowledge that helped us in some way? What if that study will help someone five, ten, fifteen, one-hundreed years from now?

So studies that seem worthless today may be great tomorrow. The studies may return immediate useful results. Then there is always - because we are curious and satisfying our curiousity and feeding our brains (we are explorers) is a good thing.

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RTFA It was an obscure 3rd party controller from overseas that, according to the article, Nintendo had no idea existed. The sheriff's office could barely track it down on the web it was so obscure.

I did RTFA...and let me explain something to you....NONE OF THAT MATTERS. Nintendo is a huge company. Lawyer wants payday. Family is distraught and wants to blame somebody (except themselves). Lawyer capitalizes on this and goes to sue Nintendo, hoping that Nintendo will settle for a few million (which the layer gets 50% of).

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This is manslaughter. Whoever left a gun near a 3-year-old needs locking up.

WRONG! It is clearly Nintendo's fault for making their contoller look "similar" to a gun and obviously the family should sue Nintendo for negligible homicide and reap millions. don't believe me? Just wait until the family gets a lawyer telling them practically the same thing and how the family was wronged by Nintendo.

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