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Comment: Re: Prime Scalia - "Words no longer having meaning (Score 1) 588 588

That seems a lot more complex of an argument if the document says what Bartlies says is in the definitions section.

So why are they arguing that if the definitions section makes it clear without a typo?

(A typo an author of the bill says is not there, that is exactly what they intended to do: punish states that did not set up an Exchange)

Comment: Re:Unhealthy food is tasty. Healthy food is boring (Score 1) 244 244

Buy the book Flour Water Salt Yeast and make your own.

It is easy and tastes better than anything you can get at a store. (but maybe not if you live near a real bakery)

Oh, and it is geeky fun... Stoichiometry, cooking by weight not volume, temps, growing yeast cultures in your spare time!

I spend about 2 to 2.5 hrs a week to make enough bread for a week, most of which I do while on conference/support calls.

Comment: Re:Wrong question. (Score 1) 297 297

I use CrashPlan to a FreeBSD machine running the server instance. Every machine in the house does near full back ups to that. They dump an image of C: drive to the same server via NAS once a week.

Critical files get backed up to CrashPlan Central.

This combo has saved my ass a number of times, allowing me to restore files quickly locally and even pull them down from the web when I am remote.

Comment: Re:Windows XP? (Score 2) 192 192

2008 IBM was banned from bidding on government contracts with the EPA, and it took until last year before we started seeing significant contracts come back in.

One of which was to do Application Rationalization for SPAWAR, funny enough.

Comment: Re:A more accurate summary might be: (Score 3, Interesting) 192 192

I could say a lot about what happened at SPAWAR and why it is going the way it is going but I can't.

I might say that there was no technical reason and it was all just internal politics, but I could not say that either.

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