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+ - Stephen Fry and DVD Jon back USB Sniffer Project->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "bushing and pytey of the iPhone DevTeam and Team Twiizers have created a Kickstarter project to fund the build of an open-source/open-hardware high-speed USB protocol analyzer. The board features a high-speed USB 2.0 sniffer that will help with the reverse engineering of proprietary USB hardware, the project has gained the backing from two high-profile individuals Jon Lech Johansen (DVD Jon) and Actor and Comedian Stephen Fry"
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Comment: Re:java/android sdk/eclipse programming howto (Score 1) 445

by funkdancer (#30649866) Attached to: Android Phone Demand Up 250%, iPhone Down

I'll let someone else cover Java & Eclipse, but for Android itself, I can recommend - I'm currently reading it and find it good. Keep an eye up for their deals - you can typically get up to 50% off (particularly on PDF versions) if you put yourself on their mailing list and just wait for their offers to tick in. :)

Comment: Check the Volvo XC60 (Score 1) 859

by funkdancer (#28033421) Attached to: Australia, UK To Test Vehicle Speed-Limiting Devices

This car is a marvel of safety technology, including the system that automatically emergency brakes the car and will avoid a rear ender in speeds up to ~25kph. And at higher speeds it'll still brake in order to reduce the impact.

Adding to this, systems such as the BLIS (blind spot information system or something like that), it's a pretty impressive feat of engineering - if you can afford it!

According to my bro who's put an order for the 2010 model, the test version he tried also alerted him to proximity to the car in front when driving at higher speeds.

For me personally I'm quite intrigued by laser cruise control systems... that would be of huge benefit to me.

Comment: Re:Blue, non-polarized, non car = whatever (Score 1) 133

by funkdancer (#27724437) Attached to: New Material For Fast-Change Sunglasses, Data Storage

Just wanted to chip in that I too love my polarised (Ray Ban) prescription sunglasses for my driving. They take away almost all the glare from the front (and there's a lot of that!), at the small price of making certain windshields (that have tint treatments) and LCD screens etc technicolour funky.

They were the most expensive pair of glasses I've ever bought, so I treat them with great care and have actually held on to them for over 3 years now. Absolutely love them!

My UV reactive normal glasses are pretty useless in comparision. The change rate is way too slow, and they don't go dark in the car. Anyway those lenses are worn down now so will get replaced with "normal" ones instead of the UV reactive.

I found another bad thing about UV reactive; going dark on an overcast day (I'm in Australia), things would get even more glum than before.

Comment: Re:Please, no more damn mice (Score 1) 191

by funkdancer (#25428255) Attached to: "BlueTrack" Mouse More Advanced Than Laser, Optical

Oooh, didn't know they were in such high demand! I have two myself, was using both up (home+work) until when I sampled the G5 -- and promptly bought another one. Now the Explorer is perfect for the laptop next to my main computer, and I guess the 2nd unit will be a good backup.

Up until the G5, I never saw a mouse that could outperform trackballs for combating RSI.


ITunes 8 a Real Killer App; Taking Down Vista 735

Posted by timothy
from the da-dum-pshhhhhhh dept.
CWmike writes "Apple 's latest version of iTunes crashes Windows Vista when an iPod or iPhone is connected to the PC, scores of users have reported on Apple's support forum. Plug in and Vista crashes and shows the 'blue screen of death.' The errors began showing up immediately after updating iTunes to Version 8.0, which Apple released Tuesday as part of its iPod refresh. 'I just installed iTunes 8 over my iTunes 7 on Vista [and] now whenever I plug in my iPod, I get a blue screen death. Three times so far. Even if it is plugged in on boot, I get a blue screen," said a user identified as 'sambeckett' on the support forum about 90 minutes after Apple CEO Steve Jobs wrapped up the iPod launch."
Data Storage

Creative Sued for Base-10 Capacities On HDD MP3 Players 528

Posted by Soulskill
from the basic-math dept.
Dorkz brings news of a class-action settlement from Creative Labs over the capacity of their HDD MP3 players. Evidently they calculated drive capacity in base-10 (1,000,000,000 bytes per GB) instead of base-2 (1,073,741,824 bytes per GB). The representative plaintiff is entitled to $5,000, and everyone else who bought one of the HDD MP3 players in the past several years gets a 50% discount on a new 1GB player[PDF]. They can also opt for a 20% discount on anything ordered from Creative's online store. Creative has made available all of the necessary legal forms. Seagate lost a similar lawsuit late last year.
Red Hat Software

+ - RedHat's loss, Ubuntu's Win->

Submitted by
Ubuntu-Wins writes "The Linux world was almost shell-shocked last week over Red Hat's announcement that the company won't be focusing on the desktop market. Here's the meat of the announcement: "It's worth ..... spread of the Linux Desktop." But I have been thinking, why would RH want to do this? Over the years, RedHat was *the* brand that was almost synonymous with Linux which has support. Corporates and businesses when asked the techies "who will support open source" almost always got some pointers in RedHat's direction. And then this! What is Red Hat really scared of — Microsoft? But this exit of RedHat will announce in no uncertain terms the victory of Ubuntu too! Today, if XP etc rule the desktop market, Ubuntu has slowly got the mindshare of the Linux users and is the most dominant Linux distribution today. Does Red Hat's exit now leave the desktop Linux field open to Ubuntu? I would say, yes! From Techwatch"
Link to Original Source

Vista Service Pack 1 Is Out 383

Posted by kdawson
from the prepare-to-be-serviced dept.
superglaze writes "What's to say? After much prevaricating and slipping out then pulling back, the first service pack for Windows Vista has actually been released. It's available for download now via Microsoft's sites, with an auto-update rollout scheduled for next month, and it should hit Amazon's virtual shelves on Wednesday."

Subpoena Sought For Browsed News Articles 172

Posted by kdawson
from the figuring-out-that-you're-a-dog dept.
The Xoxo Reader writes "A new filing in the Autoadmit Internet defamation lawsuit (previously discussed here on two occasions) reveals how the plaintiffs' lawyers have attempted to discover the identities of the defendants, who posted under pseudonyms on a message board without IP logging. The defendants had posted links and excerpts of several Web pages that mention the plaintiffs, including a Washington Post article, a college scholarship announcement, and a federal court opinion. Now the plaintiffs are asking those Web sites for logs of everybody who accessed those articles in the hours before the allegedly defamatory content was posted. (All the more reason to read the web through Google cache!) The plantiff's motion for expedited discovery includes copies of the lawyers' letters to hosting providers, ISPs, and others. It also includes replies from the recipients, many of whom point out that the lawyers' requests are technically impossible to fulfill. No matter; the plaintiffs are asking the court to issue subpoenas anyway. This thread contains a summary of the letters in the filing."
The Courts

+ - Popular OZ broadband site sued for forum comments

Submitted by Stony Stevenson
Stony Stevenson (954022) writes "Whirlpool, a popular community-run broadband discussion forum, is being sued by accounting software firm 2Clix Australia for alleged "injurious falsehood". The Statement of Claim submitted by 2Clix's legal representatives to the Supreme Court of Queensland, alleges "registered users recorded statements on the Defendant's website relating to the Plaintiff and its software product that are both false and malicious".

If the software company is successful in its claim, it could raise a nasty precedent for Australian website operators and their users. Pundits are are already speculating that if Whirlpool loses, it might mean the end of criticising companies' products and services online."

+ - Broadband forum sued over user comments

Submitted by
weighn writes "PC World (Australia) and The SMH report that "A software firm is suing a community website over comments published on its forum. 2Clix is suing the owner of the popular broadband community site Whirlpool, Simon Wright, for "injurious falsehood", asking for $AUS150,000 in damages and an injunction requiring Whirlpool to remove forum threads highly critical of 2Clix's accounting software.
Dale Clapperton, chairman of the online users lobby group Electronic Frontiers Australia, said 2Clix was using the law to silence its critics. Whirlpool users have begun donating money to the site to help Wright cover any legal costs."

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