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Comment: Mac, Linux and OSX machines. (Score 1) 503

by fumanchu182 (#26535381) Attached to: Can a Small Business Migrate Smoothly To v3?
We run the gamut with all three types of operating systems in the environment. Since the sales teams interact with other Office 2007 product entities it was imperative that they have the same suite of tools to promote usability and to keep them out of our hair. For mac, Linux and windows users that are not on the sales teams everyone gets Open Office 3.0 and so far it has performed quite well. There were some issues with Mac versions saving images to tiff format and creating a nightmare on the Office 2007 machines but easily fixed.

Comment: Re:Depends (Score 1) 33

by fumanchu182 (#26199993) Attached to: Are Browser Games Filling the Same Role As Political Cartoons?

If mean spreading hate, lies, and disinformation biased to the creators belief, being one-sided and often one dimensional and completely ignoring the facts, then I would say yes.

Now are you basing your facts of this universe or the the 8th dimension because I will have some of what you are smoking. There was nothing factually wrong with the game "sockandawe". Someone threw a shew, someone dodged. Basic mechanics for a game if you ask me.

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