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Comment Re:if that's true, (Score 1) 487

The problem is you can't enforce that you're friend didn't enable WiFi Sense without looking over his shoulder. He might end up accidentally distributing YOUR passphrase when he shouldn't be.

The only way to be sure that this doesn't happen is to add an ugly _optout line at the end of your SSID. Frankly Mr. Joe Person down the street shouldn't have to know about Microsoft's new feature to be confident that his passphrase isn't being passed around without his permission.

If you are that paranoid, you might want to implement some kind of RADIUS server. I have never looked into it myself though.

Comment Re:Why do companies keep thinking people *want* th (Score 1) 125

I don't want "convergence" between my devices. Why would anyone?

My phone is used for wildly different tasks than my laptop, which is used for mostly different tasks from my desktop. Any form of convergence is going to hurt at least one of the workflows involved.

I want my phone software to be as lightweight/minimalistic as possible so my phone's battery can last, for example. A desktop doesn't have to care about that at all.

Just make the best phone software, or PC software, you can, don't half-ass both.

If convergence means that I have to put up UI like Gnome 3, then please don't coverge.

Comment Re:Sad but not surprised. (Score 1) 138

After NVIDIA's refusal to step up to the line and assume their financial responsibility for causing so many laptops to die of thermal stress in previous generations, I feel no empathy for them. I DO have empathy for the rest of the people in the supply line that are getting dicked over by your friend, just not NVIDIA.

Well, they are resolving the responsibility issue by stop you from overclocking...

Comment Re:Not all of his ashes.. (Score 1) 108

And still a tremendous waste of money to placard those who fund NASA for emotional reasons, not scientific reasons.

What do you think is going to do more for NASA? The discovery/proof that Mars once was a planet with liquid water and perhaps even microbial life (which is HUGE from a scientific perspective), or two Good Ole American Boys planting the Stars & Stripes on the surface of the red planet, broadcast "live" on all major TV networks in the US and around the world? It is all about emotion: enthousiasm, national pride, and conquering that Final Frontier and leading the way. That's how it worked with Apollo.

Not to mention that they probably needed something to balance the probe anyway -- might as well use someone's ashes for symbolic purposes.

Comment Re:See nothing (Score 1) 104

Probably not. GLONASS is a recent addition to the smartphones. It is space technology. They also want to use satellite to track the planes, rather than having to pick up the black boxes when bad things happen. I think people will interact with space technology more often. I think at least the interest in Earth-bound space technology will increase.

Comment Re: Considering how few boys graduate at ALL (Score 1) 355

It really depends on which branch of STEM. Biology and chemistry are more balanced, but if you study Computer Science, good luck finding girls in your own department. I think works need to be done to make certain branches of STEM subjects to look cool.

Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished? Yes, work never begun.