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Comment: Re:From the grave... (Score 5, Informative) 132

by fsagx (#49088507) Attached to: Resistant Bacterial Infection Outbreak At California Hospital

A flexible endoscope is cleaned in a machine more like a kitchen dishwasher than an autoclave. The scope has internal channels for shooting air and water out of a nozzle on the tip. It has a large channel to pass instruments into the patient (biopsy forceps, cauterizers, even other more narrow endoscopes). An ERCP scope has an additional channel that carries a stiff wire that is used to deflect instruments coming out the end. This channel and wire is a very tight fit, so it is more difficult to clean.

Attachments to the channel ports should circulate the sterilizing fluids through all the channels. It's not difficult to imagine a clog preventing the fluid from circulating. Testing for leaks and clogs is part of the cleaning procedure, but in practice, of course, errors happen often:

Similar story from just last month:

A biggy at the VA a few years ago:

Comment: As effective as the Iraqi bomb detector? (Score 1) 158

by fsagx (#47656683) Attached to: Sniffing Out Billions In US Currency Smuggled Across the Border To Mexico

The ADE 651 is a fake bomb detector[1] produced by ATSC (UK), which claimed that the device could effectively and accurately, from long range, detect the presence and location of various types of explosives, drugs, ivory, and other substances. The device has been sold to 20 countries in the Middle East and Far East, including Iraq and Afghanistan, for as much as $60,000 per unit. The Iraqi government is said to have spent £52 million ($85 million) on the devices.


Comment: Re:M$ has repeated it's sins (Score 1) 742

by fsagx (#46317095) Attached to: "Microsoft Killed My Pappy"

Nothing sets a mind into cement like being forced into something painful repeatedly.

It's called a "Conditioned Response" and becomes automatic. Hence the term "knee-jerk reaction".

People tend to teach their kids to avoid something that they had to learn the hard way in an attempt to spare them the suffering they had to endure themselves.

I'm still smarting from the double-whammy of Code Red and Nimda.

Computer Science is the only discipline in which we view adding a new wing to a building as being maintenance -- Jim Horning