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Comment: Bogus milestone (Score 2) 247 247

which tops the 200-mile range

Sounds to me like Chevy is picking a range that they can beat, rather than competing with the Tesla. I have a friend with one and it's range is a little better than 280 miles on a full charge. And believe me, on a long trip that difference is critical. He's done several trips (and I've been on one with him) where a 200 mile range just wouldn't have cut it. But if you can't match the Tesla's range, I guess the next best thing is to pick a lower number and call the Tesla's range "over" that so that you can claim to be over that new lower number too.

Comment: Dues it matter? (Score 1) 98 98

I'm not a PS4 (or any other console) fanboy, but I read this and can't help wonder: It there anything that stops a user from replacing the hard drive in a PS4 with a larger drive themselves (wonky interfaces? self destruct when opened cases? magic formatting of the drive that can't readily be duplicated?)? Is it a typical 3.5 inch drive or a smaller drive?

Since we are finally admitting that size matters and Sony will still be offering only a 1TB drive, and 2TB drives available well under $75 and 4TB or even larger drives quite affordable, who cares about a 500 gig to 1 TB upgrade? What is the largest capacity hard drive that the PS4 hardware and firmware will support?

Comment: Re:Why use ISP email? (Score -1, Flamebait) 265 265

If you support DRM by paying money for locked in content then you deserve to lose it when you move or otherwise have an email address change. But you really should at least put the "service provider" through at least as much hassle as you go through yourself. I like explaining to people that I don't have a life, their 800 number is now on speed dial, and I'll just keep calling back until they make things right, running up their 800 number charges in the process. The first line of non-English speaking script readers doesn't care, but if you can explain this to a supervisor it may get the desired result. And always use the 800 numbers even if you have unlimited long distance and a non-800 number for your adversary and don't use their on-line chat.

Comment: Re:Why use ISP email? (Score 3, Interesting) 265 265

Absolutely. The two important questions here are why use an ISP's email and why use Verizon? While it would be wrong to talk someone out of dumping Verizon for any reason, no matter who you use for an ISP it is nice to have a better email service and not be dependent on your ISP for email. As this post indicates, you are hesitating to dump your ISP because of the hassle of changing an email address that all of your contacts already have. If you were using a third party email then you could change your ISP provider whenever needed without having to change anything with email.

And in addition to getting a real email account that is free of any ISP, I could also suggest that you use a free forwarding service such as spamgourmet.com. That will let you give out a unique email address to every commercial contact that insists on an email address and even to each of your friends. When spam hits you can just close down the targeted forwarding service addresses rather than abandoning the entire main address, and you can easily see which organization that you gave an email address to is sharing or leaking your information to Russian Porn Spammers and pill pushers. Knowing who leaked your email can be surprising and extremely helpful.

Even giving a unique email address to each friend is a good idea. That way if one of them clicks on something stupid ad exposed their entire address book to spammers, the spammers only get an address that you can disable, not your real email address. And if you decide that you want to change email providers, you are free to do so without the hassle of notifying everyone about the email change, you just need to update your record at the forwarding service.

Comment: Damn lying AC (Score 1) 305 305

It says it all through the bible, starting in genesis and running all the way through the ascension of the zombi christ to heaven Here's a start: 12 He had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. 13 There above it stood the LORD, and he said: "I am the LORD, the God of your father Abraham and the God of Isaac. Genesis 28:12-13

Comment: Re:the Pope and his Mythical Sky-God (Score 0) 305 305

It's been a great week in the news. This pope, who previously has said "who am I to say what is right and wrong" about clearly moral issues. has decided to say what is right and wrong about clearly scientific issues (the last time I remember them doing that they persecuted Galileo with the inquisition and banned his book, and Copernicus, who's book was also banned, only managed to escape the Inquisition by dying shortly after publishing or they would have got him too). But the best quote from the week was when the pope responded to those who suggested that their might be technical ways to address global warming to "not depend on magical thinking to resolve this"! Isn't it his job to depend on magical thinking?

Personally I believe that we were due for the next ice age that would have wreaked havoc on civilization, but we have been spared or at least it has been delayed by global warming. I realize there are different viewpoints and not everyone shares mine, but I have a lot more evidence to support it than the pope does to support his sky-god with multiple personality disorder.

Comment: "Felon" Was it for fraud (Score 1) 38 38

Re: "Felon" Was it for fraud, embezzlement, abusing child labor, or anything actually relevant to the business?

As a matter of fact, it was. Insider trading is a form of fraud, and it defrauds all other stock market traders who trade in the same stock. It may even have defrauded you if you have an IRA fund or an annuity or any other form of investment that directly or even indirectly deals with the stock market.

Comment: Avitar (Score 0) 38 38

I think I get the comment about the avitar, but my username here is not the same as my Google name. What the hell is wrong with Google that they are showing people my google account information when they search based on /. postings? I would really like to know what you found, but please don't post it here. You could try to reach me with this throwaway email address, but it will only be good for the few minutes until the email harvesters get it and the first 9 pieces of spam show up: fromAvitarFinder.kman@spamgourmet.com

Comment: You are Doomed (Score 5, Insightful) 50 50

and different business units have different goals for this developer platform when it comes to sales and marketing

When you let sales and marketing drive technical decisions, brace for failure.

Years ago I worked for mini-computer maker Data General (a.k.a "Data Who"). One of the things that took down that company was the the engineers, architects and designers built amazing technology that was far ahead of anyone else. Then marketing would come in and say "Fantastic! Great Job! Now we just need you to remove this feature and that feature, because. as it is. this machine out preforms that bigger, older, more expensive system that we are already selling." Look where that company is now.

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