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Comment Re:There goes a few Democrat votes.... (Score 1) 103 103

Perhaps you need to learn that some "news stories" are written by liars with agendas. In my state we had, at last count, 2,214 voters over age 110, with some over age 150. It is clear that these people continue to vote and don't let little things like death get in the way, otherwise that would be purged automatically for not voting. The vast majority of them are Democrats, if you were wondering, but I suspect that you will think that is just a coincidence.

That is only one form of fraud in one stare, yet you want to believe that there were only 31 cases of fraud in the country?

Comment Re:Have you looked at Roku? (Score 1) 115 115

See the post directly above yours...

When my first post in this thread was written there were only two other responses in the thread, neither from the original poster. I can't be faulted for "not paying attention" to something that was posted while I was writing. On the other hand, you stated " I don't see anything in his request about playing media ..." when the original poster clearly mentioned watching the Popcorn movie service.

Comment Re:Have you looked at Roku? (Score 1) 115 115

I don't see anything in his request about playing media...

You don't seem to have been paying attention. The one example that I saw was watching Popcorn (one of many many free movie sites that the Roku supports including Crackle). He did mention doing video, gaming and work on the PC but wasn't clear on what he wanted to use the TV for. There are some games available for Roku, even a few free ones, but I wouldn't call it a good gaming solution. I still think the best idea is buying a small computer to use as a media PC near the TV, and I'm equipped to do both; but usually I leave the media TV off and just use the Roku because of the convenience (for the things that it is suitable for).

Comment Have you looked at Roku? (Score 1) 115 115

There are some issues in what you want to do. Some free video sites go to great lengths to prevent you from watching them on a TV (such as Hulu, but not Hulu Plus). But you can watch many sites (including Popcorn) directly on the Roku. For video that you already have on the PC you can use a free DLNA player and search through your computer (or your NAS storage device) right from the Roku. Control of the PC isn't included with this, but there is a free Roku app that will let you send video from the browser to the Roku. Between DLNA and the things that Roku can do directly without the PC you get over 80% of what you seem to want.

I'm a cheap S.O.B., but I would suggest the Rouk 3 over the lesser Rokus or the streaming stick. A refurb from Newegg should do, although if you get a new Roku from the company or someone that has new inventory you'll get a newer product with voice search, a better remote, and a newer better product, even though it keeps the name Roku 3. Or wait, I think an even newer one is due out "real soon now".

Alternately, I would suggest that you consider an inexpensive computer. Newegg frequently has a refurb HP on "sale" for well under 200 with Win 7 (and eligible for free Win 10 upgrade if you want to accept that) . Connect it with a VGA cable or pop in a half height video card for HDMI support and you'll have a real computer that can go anywhere on the web and do a lot that the Roku or other TV appliances can't do.

By the way, Bluetooth isn't line of sight, but the range is limited and likely wouldn't let you use it between the TV room and the computer room.

Comment Kickstarter forever (Score 1, Insightful) 91 91

So someone got incredibly rich from a Kickstarter campaign and a lot of contributors got screwed. We refuse to learn from that. Lets put that in the past (and mod down anyone who mentions it) and move on to funding the next person who wants to make a lot of money off of us. Maybe we can even finance another Hollywood movie in return for another broken promise.

Comment Never buy Nvidia (Score 0) 117 117

Last year I bought the Nvidia Note 7 tablet based on the promise (from what I thought was a trustworthy company) that Android 5 would be released for it "real soon". That promised slipped to February 2015. When February 2015 came and went and there was still no Android 5 update available, Nvidia simply stopped responding to people who were asking about their promised update. They seem quite glad to screw the customer. I've bought a number of Nvidia products in the past for myself and friends, but I'll never buy another.

"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts." -- John Wooden