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Comment Re:Sudo did this better 15 years ago (Score 1) 540

"su" was replaced for almost use by "sudo" shortly after its first release in 1999

I think you meant to say that it was replaced for most uses. What's great about sudo is that nothing happened to su. It's still there, and still works like you expect it to. systemd, on the other hand...

Comment Re:think about the victoms before saying "no" (Score 1) 463

We Germans will not accept that the victims are further humiliated by the denial of the holocaust.

Speaking as one of the people that the Nazis would have killed if they'd had the chance: fuck you. You don't honor the victims of the holocaust by outlawing any kind of speech. When nazis lie about their crimes, you speak up and report the truth.


Comment Re:The reason for these laws (Score 1) 463

If we (the U.S.) had any sense we'd do the same thing with the KKK and symbols of the Confederacy

So, you're claiming that overruling the first amendment is a "sensible" thing to do? Maybe it's just as sensible to forcibly shut YOU up, since you're obviously hostile to our tradition of free speech, you un-American traitor. By your own "logic", you have no grounds to object.


Comment Re:What path have we chosen? (Score 3, Informative) 540

I currently run Ubuntu 14.04, and see where part of systemd has already begun its encroachment on what *had* been a great Linux distro. My only actual full-on experience so far with systemd is trying to get Virtualbox guest additions installed on a CentOS7 vm... I've installed those additions countless times since I started using VBox, and I think I could almost do the install in my sleep.. Not so with CentOS7.. systemd bitches loudly with strange "errors" and when it tells me to use journalctl to see what the error was, there *is* no error.. But still the additions don't install... I'm soooooo NOT looking forward to the next LTS out of Ubuntu, which I'm told will be infested with this systemd crap... Guess its time to dust off the old Slackware DVD and get acquainted with Pat again... GO FUCK YOURSELF, POETTERING.....

Comment Re: Even if practical technology was 10-20 years o (Score 1) 325

Maybe. My thought has always been that if fusion is close enough to get ballpark figures, we can build the necessary infrastructure and much of the housing in parallel with fusion development. Because the energy distribution will impose novel demands on the grid, it's going to require a major rethink on communications protocols, over-generation procedures, action plans on what to do if lines are taken out.

With fusion, especially, it's expensive at best to learn after the fact. Much better to get all the learning done in the decade until working fusion.

With all that in place, the ramp time until fusion is fully online at a sensible price will be greatly reduced.

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