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Comment Re:The endgame? Pay me. (Score 1) 151

Your question is sadly relevant. We create these huge powerful organizational structures (corporations, governments, religions, etc) without any thought of what might go wrong. And if you haven't had any experience in these large organizations, you could look at a number of studies suggesting that the top layers of these organizations are reserved for psychopaths, and people with some variety of anti-social disorders / no capacity for empathy. History suggests all these structures will eventually fail and be replaced. I think it will be a more painful process in these modern times.

Comment I was involved in a California pilot study (Score 1) 411

years ago. A couple of things I remember: 1) the system wasn't ready when the testing started so all cars passed with random passing numbers, 2) 3/4 the way through the study I discovered that a software bug (not mine) was setting the simulated vehicle weight of all vehicles (on the electric dynamometer) to 3000lbs. So that is why we can't get the Geo Metro up to 50 mph ! 3) Toward the end of the study every other vehicle scheduled for test was an RV/Camper. This test was to determine the relative accuracy of low/med/high priced emission testing systems.

Comment Glad the sync problem isn't just me (Score 1) 103

I have a little Sony handycam and made a video of a headless 8 string acoustic guitar I built. Using the Blender video sequence editor, the audio kept drifting. So I just split the audio into two minute chunks and sync'd each one. I figured I was doing something wrong, but it appears this is a widespread problem.

Comment Re:Like the Bible (Score 1) 622

It is not totally a matter of faith, or subscribing to some dogma. There are many statements made about the dating and fidelity of our modern Bible. These can and have been tested. It is not looking good for those who cling to traditional idea that we actually even have the original texts. Not only do the source texts not agree, the further you back the worse the divergence gets. Check out Bart Ehrman.

Comment When there clearly are not enough jobs (Score 1) 755

Societies will have to decide whether to let people starve, or consider some idea like universal income. I am old enough to remember when anyone who showed up and did a good job was on their way up, and was not always planning for the next every-3-year job hop due to failing companies. Take a look at the short documentary "Humans Need Not Apply". Between the unavoidable stagnation of first world economies, automation, and other factors, the future will be one without many jobs. And part-time jobs at the mall and Taco Bell are going to cut it. Shaming the unemployed will not make sense, if it ever did.

Comment I moved and had to switch to Cox Cable Modem (Score 1) 135

I was on ATT DSL. Cox makes DSL look heavenly. Cox works ok for a while but periodically just stops for about a minute. Now my wife understands my efforts to try to avoid cable modem. They gave everyone a supposed bump up from 5mb to 15. I say keep the 10mb and just give me a DSL level reliable connection.

Comment Re:What is with the current trend of Profit=evil? (Score 1) 394

The idea is that there is more than one perspective to consider. I could make money pimping my kids, or reducing my mother-in-law to two meals a day. Profit at any cost is the name of the game these days. It is a sinking ship. Here, have a life preserver.

Comment Re:Creationists are mounting a proxy argument (Score 1) 153

A friend of mine is a physics professor. He is not a Creationist (doesn't believe in 4-10k year old earth). But he is an intelligent design proponent (he's not sure about cross-phyla evolution). He thinks there might be an important ingredient we are not aware of that got the whole thing started. Like an extra-terrestrial race like some Sumerian texts imply. I listen to all these ideas. I really don't think there is an alternative to the general evolutionary theory. But sure, pieces of it might be problematic like my friend says. Above all, I try not to embrace anything in a dogmatic way. Let's see what the evidence says. Of course none of this address the ontological question of how it all got started or where the laws of nature came from, etc

Comment Creationists are mounting a proxy argument (Score 1) 153

On the surface it appears they are questioning cross-specie evolution and how amino acids starting forming proteins (presumably without any RNA / DNA). But it is really an argument toward theocracy and away from secular society. Good luck with that. One of their arguments again cross-specie evolution is the lack of transitional fossils. This may be determined to be such a fossil. I am no scientist, but every theory should be questioned, it is science.

Comment Desparation with tablet sales (Score 2) 85

My company had been talking to them about buying several thousand tablets running Android, on to which we would load a custom application. When we went back last year to talk seriously about the terms, they revealed they had signed some deal with Microsoft, to sell only Windows tablets. At the last minute they offered up some half hearted Android solution, but it was too late. I speculate they were unhappy with the thin tablet profit margins, and trying to justify charging premium prices by advertising MS features as premium. The irony is, this is the second company I have worked for that decided to spend the money and effort to move away from a Windows or CE OS, to an Android OS.

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