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Comment When there clearly are not enough jobs (Score 1) 751

Societies will have to decide whether to let people starve, or consider some idea like universal income. I am old enough to remember when anyone who showed up and did a good job was on their way up, and was not always planning for the next every-3-year job hop due to failing companies. Take a look at the short documentary "Humans Need Not Apply". Between the unavoidable stagnation of first world economies, automation, and other factors, the future will be one without many jobs. And part-time jobs at the mall and Taco Bell are going to cut it. Shaming the unemployed will not make sense, if it ever did.

Comment I moved and had to switch to Cox Cable Modem (Score 1) 135

I was on ATT DSL. Cox makes DSL look heavenly. Cox works ok for a while but periodically just stops for about a minute. Now my wife understands my efforts to try to avoid cable modem. They gave everyone a supposed bump up from 5mb to 15. I say keep the 10mb and just give me a DSL level reliable connection.

Comment Re:What is with the current trend of Profit=evil? (Score 1) 394

The idea is that there is more than one perspective to consider. I could make money pimping my kids, or reducing my mother-in-law to two meals a day. Profit at any cost is the name of the game these days. It is a sinking ship. Here, have a life preserver.

Comment Re:Creationists are mounting a proxy argument (Score 1) 153

A friend of mine is a physics professor. He is not a Creationist (doesn't believe in 4-10k year old earth). But he is an intelligent design proponent (he's not sure about cross-phyla evolution). He thinks there might be an important ingredient we are not aware of that got the whole thing started. Like an extra-terrestrial race like some Sumerian texts imply. I listen to all these ideas. I really don't think there is an alternative to the general evolutionary theory. But sure, pieces of it might be problematic like my friend says. Above all, I try not to embrace anything in a dogmatic way. Let's see what the evidence says. Of course none of this address the ontological question of how it all got started or where the laws of nature came from, etc

Comment Creationists are mounting a proxy argument (Score 1) 153

On the surface it appears they are questioning cross-specie evolution and how amino acids starting forming proteins (presumably without any RNA / DNA). But it is really an argument toward theocracy and away from secular society. Good luck with that. One of their arguments again cross-specie evolution is the lack of transitional fossils. This may be determined to be such a fossil. I am no scientist, but every theory should be questioned, it is science.

Comment Desparation with tablet sales (Score 2) 85

My company had been talking to them about buying several thousand tablets running Android, on to which we would load a custom application. When we went back last year to talk seriously about the terms, they revealed they had signed some deal with Microsoft, to sell only Windows tablets. At the last minute they offered up some half hearted Android solution, but it was too late. I speculate they were unhappy with the thin tablet profit margins, and trying to justify charging premium prices by advertising MS features as premium. The irony is, this is the second company I have worked for that decided to spend the money and effort to move away from a Windows or CE OS, to an Android OS.

Comment My wife didn't understand my hatred of cable modem (Score 1) 107

Then we moved and were too far from the CO for DSL, so we had to get Cox Cable modem. Now she understands. They recently upgraded me from 5 to 15 mBit. I would gladly give the extra 10 back to get a connection that doesn't periodically drop.

Comment Re:Just wait. (Score 1) 190

Hmmm. It sounds like you are claiming cognitive intelligence is the only important intelligence. I hope you never have to work at a place that follows this thinking, it can be miserable. The new smart is not just cognitive, but also having an awareness of one's own state, being able to take on the perspective of another, and being able to read, and respond helpfully with, non-verbal communication. Being able to access states beyond the normal (waking, dreaming, sleeping) like non-dual, through practices like exercise, meditation, or yoga gets you bonus points.

Comment Tortured souls make the world go round (Score 1) 184

My theory: Sometimes early in life a person starts to experience anxiety, and this person is also gifted at analytical thought. The deeper they go into analytical thought, the more they escape the anxiety. "Geekness" becomes part of the person's identity. They become very skilled at some things. Some go on to create a company where work long hours, and not only abuse, but take pleasure in abusing those who work for them. Since our capitalist system rewards profit at any cost, these people are held up as heros, when overall they are a net cancer on society.

Comment Re:Science requires a certain agnosticism (Score 1) 480

Ok, permit me to rephrase it. Most religions require the taking on of theological / epistemological positions that are unwarranted for a multitude of reasons. Which is odd in a way, since I think [intellectual] honesty would be high on the list of character traits one would want to aspire to. I was raised in such a tradition and it came as quite a surprise to me that we cannot even be sure what our original sacred texts said, due to the large number of differences in the remaining copies. So building these large theological structures on little pieces of sentences starts to look like a really bad idea.

The Agnostic Manifesto: If I don't know something, I don't say I know it.

Comment Re:Science requires a certain agnosticism (Score 1) 480

I am not sure where you are going with this, maybe trying to create a class of claims that should be always dismissed outright ? Thomas Kuhn and others have pointed out how unfortunately significant the impact upon reason by consciousness, can be. In his writings, this sabotage by emotion to quickly dismiss, is directly at the center of the problems described in the book. And the solution is simple: There is no need to take a position without investigating. If the claim is interesting, then investigate. This premature position taking is the fuel that keeps dogmatic religion going.

I do not think that jumping to rigid positions quickly is a good strategy. I am probably talking more psychology than philosophy at this point. I have read that openness to new experience is actually a core trait, and it is hard to imagine this not being involved.

Comment Science requires a certain agnosticism (Score 5, Insightful) 480

If you learn of an alleged unusual phenomenon, and you have an immediate rigid response, please stay away from science. Go into religion or politics. The only appropriate response is "Hmmm interesting, let's look into this". Human knowledge is always provisional. Careless, absolute, knowledge claims are the currency of religion.

"Why should we subsidize intellectual curiosity?" -Ronald Reagan