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by frog_strat (#46768291) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy
I hear Ken Wilber saying 70% of the world is pre-modern or below. That's why he feels a world democracy would be a disaster, we would immediately vote in the Nazis. I have an interest in Wilber and Spiral Dynamics (SD), and one of the implications of what you wrote is that no one sees the world directly, we all see it through memes. Perhaps, with higher levels of development / meditation / psychotherapy we can see things much more accurately.

Another interesting idea coming out of SD is that we now have maps of the human developmental path, we know what the bottom and (kind of) the top look like. I believe going forward it will be necessary to do Integral type assessments of people before we allow them into positions of power. It is the only way we can move toward Triple Bottom Line thinking in business. And at this point we have no excuse for not recognizing that large organizational structures (govt / corp / etc) will nearly always tend toward low ethical / interpersonal intelligence and psycopathy. See the University of British Columbia study that suggests business leaders may be psycopaths at four times the rate of the general population.

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I have made 14 guitars and one violin. I think there might be subtle ways an older instrument could be distinguished from a newer one, apart from the sound. Like the feel of the finish, the feel of the tuning pegs, or the smell. But this study does not surprise me. "Cork sniffing" is also very prevalent in the tube amplifier industry, much of what people hear must be in their head.

As a guitarist, however, I know what it is like to feel a bond with an instrument that is not easily explainable. I repaired a Gibson SG recently (I don't really care for them) but after fixing the high action and polishing the frets, I was unable to put it down, it was such a joy to play.

If you're ever in a music store, walk down the isle and briefly play each guitar or violin. It is amazing, the difference in feel and sound, and it does not correlate to price.

Comment: Interpersonal intelligence should be a requirement (Score 2) 248

by frog_strat (#46413123) Attached to: Steve Ballmer Blew Up At the Microsoft Board Before Retiring
As a civilization we are amazingly uninterested in the common themes we see with large organizational structures. How they frequently let people with low interpersonal / ethical intelligence run large structures. So we see all manner of childish behavior, extortion on resellers selling competing products. Personnel policies that mandate that someone on every team must fail. I could go on and on. Maybe one day in the future, we will require a psychological assessment of these people. There was that study out of England suggesting business leaders qualified as psychopaths at four times the general population. Maybe one day we will require that a company be an asset to a society, that profit alone should not be the only measure. I was eating dinner one night in Redmond with my little niece. I spotted the Balmer entourage at another table. I told the waitress, I am picking up their check. She came back and said they thanked me but they would pay. I thought it would have been an interesting story.

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by frog_strat (#46091559) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: An Open Source PC Music Studio?
I was just talking to a friend who owns a Protools studios, he just went through some nasty downtime. I was also called to help troubleshoot a Sonar studio a while back. I have been using Linux / Ardour / Rosegarden / Hydrogen for years and pretty much have it down. Running a pro studio with it would require ready backup machines, (probably should be done with any OS). Here is a prog rock song, using 42 tracks in Ardour, Hydrogen. Mesa Boogie Mark IV into an SM57. Custom fanned fret guitar, Roland RD digital piano.

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by frog_strat (#46040207) Attached to: Protesters Show Up At the Doorstep of Google Self-driving Car Engineer
That's all well and good when the jobs are still there, they're just changing. That candlestick maker, he can retrain to work on robots ! But when jobs are shed and not replaced, this will eventually lead to big problems. Shaming the unemployed is not so effective when there are no jobs.

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I went through a period where my concentration went through the floor, which is scary if you are a software developer. Later I would learn I had a stroke and did not realize it. To help my concentration I used Adderall, which gave me amazing concentration powers, but made me much less patient with people. Now I take 800mg Piracetam, and I definitely notice a difference in my ability to stay in deep concentration. It does not give me the Adderall buzz. It's pretty cheap, I buy the powder and cap it myself.

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The opportunities that come to my email are often from Seattle / Portland. I lived there 6 years while with Microsoft. FWIW I am an embedded / driver guy mostly. It wouldn't kill me to move back (I actually stopped getting depressed and started to like the weather after 3 years), but I really prefer Orange County (CA). IMHO there is not that much difference in the housing costs. I will say most of the opportunities are crap, 3 month contract with of course no benefits (and I suspect a lot of the offers are just gaming the H1 system). I decided to go back into medical, where we are forced to work more slowly and carefully. And most importantly, I just happened to land in a situation where many of the management are good people that want us to work reasonably, but do not abuse us. That is increasingly rare.

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I wonder if this is just waiving liability or does it mean they would refuse to approve the app ?
Medical software can have 3 types of use:
-records display (display of data)
-diagnostic (take your temperature)
-therapeutic (shock your heart or cut tissue)
You see many companies jumping up and down, claiming to want in the medical space, but they usually are talking about records display only.

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