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Comment: Re:Something that's always bothered me... (Score 2) 784

by frnic (#46984083) Attached to: Scientists Warn of Rising Oceans As Antarctic Ice Melts

You have a serious issue with time frames. In one case you are referring to plate tectonics which move over periods of millions of years. On the other you are referring to our causing changes in the next 100 years that are equivalent. Then you say since they change would have happened anyway in the next million years or so, why is everyone upset at it happening in the next hundred years or so...

Comment: Fed Up with useless security (Score 1) 288

by frnic (#46917863) Attached to: Applying Pavlovian Psychology to Password Management

I am 65, on SS, broke and live 10 miles out in the country with just my wife and no one else within miles. I am FORCED to enter a password to use my computer. After entering a password that is displayed as dots so my wife (who has all my passwords) can't see over my shoulder and steal it, I want to see my email, so I get to enter another password which she also knows and is displayed as dots - so I don't know if I typed it right or not, even though to get to my email client I had to log into my computer first. I then want to play some MMO games and of course have to log into them, even though I am accessing them from a computer that only I have access to and have already logged into. Then I step out of the room to get a cup of coffee and when I get back I get to log into the computer again, because someone decided it might not be sage to have my computer in my house out in the country 10 miles from anywhere unattended for 5 minutes.

I go through this all day every day - and NONE of it is helping me be safe and secure from all harm... In fact it does almost nothing to help me be secure.

Then I am told that I need to have different passwords that look like 12xfeg^&*snbtr for each account I have anywhere, so I am secure. I am expected to change my password (sometimes forced to change it) once a month into something I have not every used before and also can't remember. Then I am reminded that writing down my password could lead to plagues and pestilence, so I am expected to use passwords that no reasonable person could possibly remember and told not to write down and when I type them in they are displayed as dots to protect me...

I would like the option to OPT OUT of all this bullshit. Entering passwords 20 or 30 times a day is more than a little silly. It is well past time that we have secure connections and biometric security on my computer - worst case.

Then people wonder why passwords like 123456 are so popular.

Comment: Re:insurance issue (Score 1) 157

by frnic (#46637745) Attached to: Should Patients Have the Option To Not Know Their DNA?

This is not a problem with DNA testing, this is a problem with the insurance companies, which need to be done away with. They bring NOTHING to the game when it comes to healthcare delivery and add a significant cost, as these concerns show, they often inhibit healthcare delivery. The answer to that is simply universal single payer healthcare.

Comment: True innovators on Slashdot... (Score 4, Insightful) 82

by frnic (#46445479) Attached to: UK and Germany To Collaborate On 5G

It seems a significant number of the readers here would rather say "64kb is all the memory anyone will ever need", because they are too lazy to try and think rather than just knock any and every innovation mentioned on Slashdot.

As far as 5G - "why" the answer is use (consumption) will always expand to fill capacity. The question is not WHY the question that needs to be answered is how can we put that additional capacity to use.

Comment: Nope, still not working for me (Score 1) 644

by frnic (#45565921) Attached to: Officials Say Site Now Performing Well

As of 11:30 Saturday, it was still not any faster and still doesn't complete for me. Took about 20 minutes to get all the way through for me and my wife. And at the very end after reviewing and signing, I get an error and it never verifies my ID. So, no change from last month ... yet.

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