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Comment Re:The future is coming. (Score 2) 214 214

Your statement is true, there is no where near enough capacity to manufacture what is required. But, you post makes it seem like you leave it at that. Meaning, no point trying to replace the existing infrastructure, because it is a big expensive long term project...

I prefer to say that if it is profitable, corporations will make it happen. (Notice I left out caveats like safe, works as advertised, etc) And the more profitable it appears, the faster they will make it happen.

We will see where things like this go.

Comment Re:Where are the links? (Score 1) 425 425

Thank you for there link, I followed it and found none of the "edited" photos you claim are there. I found ONE photo that showed the iPhone from an angle that showed the camera bulge and the bulge was there...

So, flaming slashdot - what a concept - lol... I am sure all the hate posted here is legitimate and justified. I see you are proud enough of your comment to stand behind it and not post anonymously - oh wait... I will stand behind my years posting here and my reputation and not hide behind "Anonymous Coward"...

Comment Where are the links? (Score 0, Troll) 425 425

I realize that this is slashdot and all that shit, and it is a requirement for members here to hate Apple.

I see posts here talking about holding their iPhone 6 and it shows the bulge... interesting, where di you get YOUR iPhone 6???

I see a lot of posting that it is obvious that Apple edited the photos - but the only link is not to an Apple site, but a hater site.

I went to Apples site and looked around - there were no side views to be seen - hmm.

So, it's typical Slashdot bullshit - pile on the hate, with nothing to support the theory.

Comment Can't wait to hate... (Score 0) 208 208

Everyone is standing inline to get one and Slashdot is posting anything and everything it can to put it down...

As usual, can't wait to hate.

Geek care about performance, configurability, expandability, etc. Geeks make up almost 0% of the Apple market. It's as if garbage truck drivers were complaining about the latest Porsche Carrera because there was very limit load carrying capacity...

Comment Re:Sensationalism? (Score 1) 294 294

There is a difference between "do not support Linux" and Linus will not work.

I assume the mfg's legal department strongly suggested that they not officially support Linux, since that would lead to having to specify precisely what not supporting Linux means, which distributions, etc.

Linux is still a small enough market that it is not work it to mug's to put together a customer support team to support all the configurations people will try to come up with using Linux.

Comment Re:Which begs the question... (Score 1) 98 98

You mean like my bank account statement, balance, my sign in, you know, things almost every American today access everyday from their banks? I don't know about you, but, I access those things (data) via the internet facing servers provided for me by my bank.

Do not underestimate the value of print statements for debugging.