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Comment Re:Energy usage (Score 1) 216

I expect that the cameras and display use less energy in a year than a 40w incandescent bulb does in a few minutes (that might be a slight exaggeration - but not much) and then there is the cost of re-cooling the interior after you let all that hot air rush in.

I am certain this is more energy efficient by a LONG shot, that does not make it more reliable or cost effective.

Comment Re:make it user-selectable (Score 1) 235

No, it can not be users selectable unless cars that have chosen the user first mode are not allowed on public roadways. When you drive on public roadways you accept that you have to obey certain "rules of the road", such as speed limits. I do not want anyone (obviously some hackers are going to hack the cars, but that is a very small percentage) being able to override the safety and rules of the road features built into the autonomous cars. That also impacts insurance issues, since someone that choose unsafe options would have to prove they can pay for potential damages.

Comment Re:I disagree with the premise (Score 3, Interesting) 402

You make an excellent point, however, I would suggest that there are many more examples of "successful" open source projects that have poorly designed interfaces than successful commercial closed source projects.

The issue I think is it is hard to get motivated to put the effort into UI design if your expected market is mostly geeks and maybe at best a few thousand users. If you are on a budget with a target audience of millions then it is easier to find the "time" or "motivation".

Comment Shoot the messenger (Score 3, Informative) 402

It's nice to see slashdot hasn't lost it's ability to shoot the messenger. Instead addressing his comments, which are pretty much right on, everyone takes the opportunity to point out the designs they feel are worst ever.

Fact is, Open Source will remain counter culture until it has full teams to meet the designs that the public wants, instead of designing to geeks desires.

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