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Comment Business opportunity (Score 1) 117

I see a business opportunity for someone to offer a certification service for dice. And for an additional fee dice could be "shaved" to balanced them correctly to meet some optimum randomness. And for a larger fee, they could be shaved to unbalance and provide specific rolls more often than random.

Comment Re:Oh, really? (Score 0) 225

This would be Samsung? That is the company that just started NOT LOSING money on every phone they sell? I think Apples priority is to make money and let others pioneer the technology - as they have always done and hopefully will always do. If you want bleeding edge stuff, cool, go for it, just don't buy Apple.

Comment Re:Jobs: Apple wont create an iPhone with big scre (Score 1) 337

I wish I had a moderate point left to rate you up.

All these haters hating on Apple and saying how Apple SHOULD do it, have so much experience running the most valuable company in the world.

Maybe, Apple does what people want and are willing to pay for instead of what a few geeks that hang out on /. want.

Comment Rights (Score 3, Interesting) 188

Unless you believe in God given rights, every right is simply something the government guarantees to you.

Society over time decides what it feels everyone should be entitled to - and entitled is not a four letter word.

We started with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Since then we added a few, everyone can vote, everyone can work, speech, etc.

As society changes more things become "rights" - ie. things we as a society feel all of us would benefit by having - like education, healthcare, living wage.

The internet is widely integrated into all walks of life in all industrialized nations. I won't list the benefits it brings, since Anonymous Cowards want to prove that dial up is "good enough" and you can live without it even.

The point is, rights are not about things you can't live without, rights are about those things we as a society believe everyone should have.

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