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Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 279

I am not sure how you define glory, Apple is a business, it's sole purpose is to make money. It is one of the most successful companies in history - financially, and continues to grow profits in an industry that is constantly losing money.

You post sounds a lot like Wall Street after Apple Announced the most profitable quarter in their history and Wall Street yawned and Apple stock lost $20billion dollars. Because it wasn't enough to constantly grown faster than any other company in the industry, they had to meet Wall Street "predictions" or they were a failure.

Comment Re:Stylus (Score 2) 279

1. Apple has replied to various questions and you can lay your hand/arm/e.bow on the screen and continue using the Pencil.

2. The system is NOT the standard Capacitive touch screen, but is a system designed specifically for the pencil and has much higher resolution (double?) and much higher input rates (double?) so, it can react faster and with resolution down to the pixel on a retina display.

Comment Pile on the scorn, it doesn't matter... (Score 1) 174

Geeks through the ages have always predicted failure after failure of products because the products were not "good" enough, or as good as something the geeks wanted. For years computers sold almost exclusively on spec's. But the best personally computers early on were Atari and Amiga and commodore, yet, none of them are still around to any significant degree.

TVs sell on specs, game consoles sell on spec's, gaming PCs sell on specs. Everyone loves to brag about the "best". But, look at all the AAA games and they allow you to throttle down to low level PCS - because, only a very small market exists at the "real" gamers level. In all the years Xbox has been selling it is estimated that it has only sold about 75 million copies, many (most?) of those are now in closets. Same with Playstation and Nintendo. In just seven or eight years iPhone has sold 700 million devices - ten times as many. The iPhone sucks, the iPhone doesn't compete with the competition, etc. But, it keeps on selling. Early in the iPhones life it pushed ALL other digital camera's off the boards on photo websites - it sucked as a camera, but people used it. Apple TV SUCKS as a desktop box, no ability to records, or schedule viewing and until recently only 720p resolution, and yet, it keeps on selling.

I expect gaming on the new Apple TV will suck, it will not even be close to what a tricked out PC or console will be capable of doing - but, I predict that in 3 years it will OWN the new game market. Games by the big names will come out first on the Apple TV, then be release on PC's and consoles (if at all)...

Apple sucks, Apple is the devil, Apple is the new evil since M$ was cast out like IBM before it. But, Apple keeps growing, keeps owning more and more of the markets they go into, and most importantly, they make TONS of money doing it - unlike some other companies trying to compete with them. Sadly, that is the real meaning of "doing it right" - making money, not faster, bigger, or more FPS at higher resolution.

Based on Apples track record with the iPhone, if the new Apple TV sells, in 3 years it will be 20 times faster than today, it will support multi-screens and real time 3d at 4k resolution and 60 fps and will support most leading brands of joysticks and console controllers and have full 3d VR support builtin. It will support 7 channel surround sound or better, and it will still sell for around $200 (todays dollars) and AAA games on it will sell for around $20 with family sharing. And it will SUCK. In 3 years it will be releasing features geek have been getting for 2 years, and all we will hear about is how awful and behind the times AppleTV is, and no real gamers ever would be caught playing on it. Meanwhile, 700 million Apple phone users will be buying the AppleTV so they can "share" games between the phone when away from home and play on the TV when at home. Yeah, I know you can already do that with Android - and that is exactly my point. As much "Better" as android is, Apple still makes the most money doing it, and has an ever growing extremely loyal customer base. You can call them names, spend all your free time putting Apple customers down in forums across the internet, and Apple will be laughing all the way to the bank - being best means nothing if you file bankruptcy next year - that is life in the world we live in.

Comment Re:2 year contracts? (Score 1) 508

Yeah, they are barely selling any, and those they sell they are loosing their butt on, so they should lower their prices - oh wait, that is Samsung.

Apple is totally honest about the pricing and the alternatives they offer. That they make a lot of money on their phones is a good thing since it allows them to keep updating product lines.

The really good thing is we don't have to listen to you expo,ain why you bought a cheap Apple and it sucks, or like my son that bought a cheap Android phone and after 6 months is having no end of problems from the "mods" he put in.

I will stay in the garden and enjoy the flowers, you can have fun out in the jungle.

Comment Re:Unversal search (Score 0) 132

Why would we mod you down? Of course Apple waits a few years and lets other companies invent the wheel. Then they take it and make money with it by making it easy to use and BORING. So far it seem stop work for them, I realize that you are only interested in really cool products that you can tweet and that the company making it has no interest in profits. Personally, I will take the Apple product which will work, be supported and be improved over time... They may be late to the game, but if winning means making money, well, they seem to have figured that part out.

Comment Re:Apple TV (Score 3, Interesting) 132

Seriously, you can't see why anyone would, then Apple must be wrong, I mean they were wrong about their smartphone, it barely sold any at all before they quit making it.

We have a Apple TV and are extremely happy with it, like most Apple products is it not very customizable, so instead of customizing it, we watch TV on it. My wife and I are retired, and we enjoy things that just work and don't require fiddling with. We have also tried Plex, and FireTV and find the Apple to be more to our liking. It may also have to do with being able to watch our 300+ movie library stored on my MacOSX and served up via iTune family sharing.

The new TV (assuming there even is one) providing App support could be cool, and iPhones and iPads are already used for more gaming by casual gamers (only a couple hundred million - barely any market at all). So, if the TV could play those same iPad games from the App store, we will certain play a few - also, since games bought on the App Store are mostly family sharing enabled, I expect we will be able to play all those games we already have on the new TV - yup, I expect you are right though, Apple has blown it again.

Comment Re:Track stability (Score 1) 149

Very true, and achieving stability and modularity can be a real challenge. It can be done, but it is not as simple as most people first think. So they put something together and then have no end of problems with derails etc... eventually giving up. Better to design and research up front.

You will lose an important tape file.