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Comment: Re:Applets? What year are you in? (Score 1) 833

by frleong (#5264572) Attached to: Even Sun Can't Use Java
So? I said nothing about the litigation, and admit full-well to not being fully versed in this. You have avoided my central point that applets are for the most part historical relics. Further, your use of the phrase "J2EE and other irrelevant bits" convinces me that you are -- as happens so frequently in these kinds of dicussions -- attempting to knock Java in lieu of your favorite technology. Judging by the history of your posts I'm not too far off the mark.
But this thread is about the litigation, and Sun may lose points here when MS appeals. When I said "J2EE and irrelevant bits", I mean that J2EE and other server-side technologies are irrelevant to the case. The only thing Java has to do with a desktop OS and IE are applets, regardless whether they are historical relics or not. Period. Sun's lawsuit forces MS to bundle its own JRE, with its own problems, like poor client-side performance. How does that help server-side stuff, which is Java's strong point, when server admins often install their favorite JREs already?

Judge whatever you want, but you are far off mark, which is usual in this sort of discussions. When it comes to webapps, I avoid MS technologies, I use mainly JSP+Struts and Linux.

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