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Comment: Re:What if... (Score 1) 133

by frisket (#49499385) Attached to: The Origin of the First Light In the Universe

Doesn't quantum theory mean that the above can all be true at the same time?

In any case, all the models are theories anyway. We can prove individual factlets (for some given values that seem to hold true for us here and now), but we have no clue at all about how the facts stand up elsewhere or elsewhen, so we can have no idea if the theories would also hold up there and then.

It's turtles all the way down...

Comment: How is the delivery made? (Score 3, Interesting) 213

I don't get this. What happens when the drone arrives at my address? Does it ring the doorbell and wait? Does it go round the back and leave it on the back porch if I'm out? (I'm in a low-crime neighbourhood where this is possible.) Or will it leave it with my neighbour, as instructed?

Comment: Re:Why not a Mac? (Score 1) 385

by frisket (#49296939) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Choosing a Laptop To Support Physics Research?

Also, I think TexShop is the best LaTex editor.

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I tries some for Windows, and they universally suck, IMHO.

AquaMacs (Emacs for Macs) works perfectly for LaTeX, as it does everywhere.

I can't believe how much time I wasted trying to use word for technical stuff when I was in school.

I run LaTeX courses and I hear this every time, especially from science students.

Learn Latex. I will save you life.

It will certainly save you time and effort. You might even get a life :-)

"Learn LaTeX?" Sure

Comment: One reason (Score 1) 320

by frisket (#49295067) Attached to: Why I Choose PostgreSQL Over MySQL/MariaDB
We have a lot of XML publishing workflows. MySQL provides a -X commandline option which returns the results of a query in XML. I don't know if PostgreSQL, MSSQL, or Oracle have the equivalent (perhaps someone who knows can post). Right now, it's a pain-free way to get what we need in the form we want, with zero additional effort. If it exists in other rDBMSs, that makes our choices wider.

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