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Comment: Re:Hackers or Criminals? (Score 1, Insightful) 113

by frinkacheese (#34937450) Attached to: Hackers Respond To Help Wanted Ads With Malware

This is true.. But look at this headline:


Now, it may be true that they are black. Its also likely that other people who were not black were also involved, but bringing out one attribute such as ethnicity or a technical aptitude really does not describe the whole situation. What the headline should be is:


Which, instead of attributing *ALL* hackers or *ALL* black men to a certain criminal activity, makes the distinction that not all people with that attribute are criminals, only a certain minotiry who engage in the mentioned criminal activity.

So whatever way you look at it, it is sloppy.

Comment: Re:hooray for the planned economy (Score 1) 120

by frinkacheese (#34895490) Attached to: NASA's Next-Generation Airplane Concepts

An excellent summary..

Really, the West should concentrate on not giving the Chinese everything we have.

This is how it is working:

1) We have the ideas and make East Asian people make them cheap.
2) They profit we do not.
3) They buy everything we have.
4) They have the ideas and since we have all gone bankrupt we make it cheap.

And yeah, dump NASA and get yourself a working healthcare system at least! Then ban guns (yeah HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE OF GUN CRIME IN THE US?)


New York To Spend $27.5 Million Uncapitalizing Street Signs 322

Posted by samzenpus
from the beware-the-big-letters dept.
250,000 street signs in New York City feature street names in capital letters only, which is not the national standard. Having no other issues on the table, The New York City Department of Transportation has decided to fix the problem and put up proper signs featuring both capital and lower-case letters at a cost of $27.5 million. The Transportation Department hopes to have the job completed by 2018 with 11,000 of the most important improperly capitaled signs fixed by the end of the year. Catastrophe averted.

Comment: Re:Look for the upside (Score 1) 460

by frinkacheese (#32561784) Attached to: NASA Ends Plan To Put Man Back On Moon

Yeah but he is not a troll, he is just telling the truth. In the US you have kids with leukemia with parents unable to afford the best treatment, but hey you it's OK because you can go to the moon! In the UK we have our kids looked after and getting the treatment they need but no moon..

guess what I would rather have.

Comment: Re:Christ! Really? It's come to this? (Score 3, Informative) 260

by frinkacheese (#32535254) Attached to: Apple iAd Drawing Antitrust Scrutiny

Quite. I was walking past Pizza Hut the other day and they were trying to send their bluetooth shite to my phone. Not being happy with their crap spamming my phone and noticing the little bluetooth ad box plugged in by the window, I popped in and turned it off.


Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.