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Comment: Locked down... to two release schedules (Score 1) 600

by frikazoyd (#34938468) Attached to: Motorola Sticks To Guns On Locking Down Android
As a computer scientist, you also realize that you're putting yourself at the mercy of *TWO* development teams, and *TWO* release schedules in the event that a major exploit or bug is found? In theory it's a good way to ensure security, but it also means that you have to wait for Motorola to release an update that Google patched and released already.

Comment: Re:I kinda understand the hate (Score 1) 180

by frikazoyd (#34842668) Attached to: How To Use a Real Guitar With Rock Band 3
I think what you're getting at is that Rock Band gives you the "benefit" of feeling like you're playing the guitar without nearly the amount of effort that the real guitar takes. The thing is, learning other people's songs is still just learning other people's songs. The people who play Rock Band aren't going to cut into the profits of those who play real instruments, and they aren't going to make actual guitarists any worse at their instruments. So while it does seem to give people the illusion that they can approach actual guitar skills, they still can't pick up a guitar and start making music without putting the same kind of effort in as a real musician. I don't think anybody has anything to worry about.

Comment: Re:Open Source Anyone? (Score 1) 98

by frikazoyd (#32267460) Attached to: How PC Game Modders Are Evolving
There are actually some pretty good open source engines out there these days. That said, this is yet another case of the "vicious cycle". Modders make mods mostly to catch a break. Every modder hopes to be part of the next team that makes it big. The best way to do that is to go where the players are. And sadly, the players aren't really playing on Linux. I hold high hopes that when Source hits linux, that a whole slew of HL2 mods will become linux native, and people will get used to the idea of programming games for linux. And ultimately, as you say, assets are a problem. Most artists I've met aren't terribly keen on making art for free, much less providing license for anybody and everybody to use their art as they see fit.

Comment: Re:Also, don't underestimate the TV antenna. (Score 1) 502

by frikazoyd (#32058590) Attached to: One In Eight To Cut Cable and Satellite TV In 2010
You don't have to live *in* a city. I live 30 miles away from my nearest city as a crow flies, but an actual 50 miles by interstate. I've invested in a $30 antenna at my local cheap brick-and-mortar, and have amazing HDTV reception. Also, I have fairly cheap DSL. It's only 3 megabit per second. But it's fast enough to watch Hulu, and it's fast enough for Netflix on Demand. To be honest, there are times where we're not in the mood to watch whatever's on, or to watch a movie on Netflix. But that's not any different than having 160 channels for $80 bucks a month, and STILL being bored with television. Moving off of Cable/Sattelite is just smart these days. There are cheaper alternatives. And you can pick and choose what you want, on your own time, instead of wasting time trying to find something to watch.

How MySpace Generates Enough Load To Test Itself 65

Posted by timothy
from the advertises-free-riding-lessons-and-crack dept.
An anonymous reader points out this article about " a big site like MySpace uses thousands of cloud computing cores to do performance testing on its live site. There are some really great numbers in there from the performance tests, like generating 16GB/second of bandwidth and 77,000 hits/second during testing (not including the live traffic on the site at the time)."

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