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Media (Apple)

Submission + - SPAM: Will Apple launch finally Blu-ray at Macworld?

WirePosted writes: "A blue Mac? We haven't seen once since the original 'Bondi Blue' iMacs in the late 90s, but if the rumours that Apple are finally about to include Blu-ray players (and potentially burners) in the Mac range pans out during this week's Macworld, a 'Blu' Mac could well be back!"
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Submission + - An Optical Solution For an NP-Complete problem?->

6 writes: Tobias Haist and Wolfgang Osten have proposed a novel idea for solving the traveling salesman problem...

We introduce an optical method based on white light interferometry in order to solve the well-known NP-complete traveling salesman problem. To our knowledge it is the first time that a method for the reduction of non-polynomial time to quadratic time has been proposed. We will show that this achievement is limited by the number of available photons for solving the problem. It will turn out that this number of photons is proportional to NN for a traveling salesman problem with N cities and that for large numbers of cities the method in practice therefore is limited by the signal-to-noise ratio. The proposed method is meant purely as a gedankenexperiment.

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