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Comment: Re:Sly (Score 1) 396 396

Note that StartSSL consider a Paypal donate button on a website on a parent domain to be enough to make your website "commercial" even if the subdomain is quite evidently not related and you tell them you're using it for application level security (seriously, was rejected because had a tiny donate button in the corner)

Comment: Re:Sly (Score 1) 396 396


Terminate the ssl session on an nginx reverse proxy to the DVR.

But that's just because I'd never directly use such a thing - I have a tendency to take anything that has 'internet connectivity', firewall it from the internet, and expose just the parts I want - and usually only on a command line.

Comment: Re:fuck you iceland. (Score 1) 684 684

Shrugs... If women want to do it let them.

Ban mcdonalds, the kids that work there get scared for life and they get paid minimum wage, less if the megacorp can arrange it..

Why does everyone only care about the harm done to women in porn, I'm sure the men in porn suffer hardship too... sounds sexist to me...

Comment: Re:Let's hope Steam on Linux gathers... steam (Score 1) 553 553

Hehe, don't mind me, I don't take these conversations seriously, I enjoy poking fun without going to the extent of trolling. Truth be told, I use both platforms interchangeably. Tho, I do find Adobe tools frustrating, much like I found itunes insufferable, this is just me tho, no reflection on the tool - I'm clearly not it's target market.

Comment: Re:Notification != punishment (Score 1) 25 25

I support being told when someone has unauthorized access to my data... for example... the coles breach a couple of years ago (what you didn't hear about that? not surprised - they only just admitted to it after months of me hounding) and the pizza hut breach (they still won't admit to it)

Comment: Re:Too late... (Score 1) 121 121

Sadly they don't care what we think - if we pirate or don't pirate it doesn't matter as they will call you a pirate anyway.

A lost sale = pirate, no it can't possibly be that the game is shit so no-one bought it.... or the DRM is shit so no-one bought it.

As for those who are pissed off about "From Dust" having shit DRM - I have a simple rule for avoiding DRM: Does the box have a Ubisoft logo? Don't buy it.

Comment: Re:Yeah. (Score 1) 519 519

Pull all the hard disks out of your machines, send them to a relative of a relative of a friend of a relative in some far off place, install new hard disks in all the machines, install Ubuntu, Sabayon or Fedora (A distro that comes with some of the basics to continue working) - work with those for as long as you can (to build up the 'this is not a fresh install' feel) then invite their auditors in with open arms.

The UNIX philosophy basically involves giving you enough rope to hang yourself. And then a couple of feet more, just to be sure.