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Comment: Re:Behind the curve (Score 2) 1040

by freezin fat guy (#47160261) Attached to: Seattle Approves $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage

Well, I do sincerely apologize for my unkind last statement. That was not compassionate and I suspect like most people you have redeeming qualities.

But in 2014 I am amazed at the bigotry expressed against people who vote differently. That is very ignorant. It's gotten to the point where people convince themselves anyone who votes ______ is pure of heart and and anyone who votes ________ is incapable of human decency. It takes a lot of work for political parties to make us that dumb.

Comment: Re:all i really want from IE (Score 1) 173

This is also a good reminder that anyone can have a modern web browser.

Now that browsers are auto-updating this is a good time for us as developers to weed out all the non-updating browsers. I've not been a big fan of browser exclusion but after waiting so many years for all the garbage versions of IE to die (<= IE 10) I've become a grumpy old man. You can have notices appear when an outdated browser is found and link the user to a better life. e.g.

If someone actually prefers to be left out, that should not hold everyone else back anymore.

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why does an app ( from google play) which just produces fart sounds ( just like 80% of the other apps) want permissions to access my browser bookmarks , call information, data store and what not .

Yes, it seems like every single app now needs full control of our lives. I'm not happy about granting such sweeping powers where they are clearly unnecessary.

Except the apps from f-droid, for some dumb reason open source apps tend not to overreach on permissions and snooping.

Oh, but I guess now we can assume those are 33% malware since it's not the play store.

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