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Comment: Re:What is the point? (Score 1) 88

by freezin fat guy (#48251043) Attached to: Firefox OS Coming To Raspberry Pi

Open source means the source code is available in full. Whether the creators/inner contributors run the project like the wild old days of Wikipedia or whether they are autocratic is up to them. e.g. I can't just tell Linus to put my code in the Linux kernel.

But if I have the motivation I can take the source and put in my changes myself. Perhaps it will gain traction, perhaps not. But I have the option.

Also, there is the little matter of transparency which only open source provides.

So in these ways Firefox is the only one of the aforementioned which is truly open, even though, as you say, they do not allow you any say in the development of their OS.

Comment: Re:Actually thinking of getting one (Score 1) 132

by freezin fat guy (#48082215) Attached to: Test-Driving a $35 Firefox OS Smartphone

That said, who the hell said "let's make a dirt-cheap phone OS so the entire planet can enjoy the web!" and then decided to do everything in HTML and Javascript? Even Android is better than that. That's one of the areas where you would really want the speed and efficiency of a low-level language.

I think the idea was so the entire planet can not only use the phone but that it would be more accessible to build apps too.

Comment: Re:"stashes its cash" (Score 1) 365

by freezin fat guy (#47992961) Attached to: Microsoft On US Immigration: It's Our Way Or the Canadian Highway

Australia too charges income tax from money I earn abroad - namely the difference between the obscenely high Australian taxes and the much lesser taxes I pay in most other countries, even if I earned the money while working and living in those other countries

shhhh! You're new to America bashing aren't you?

So if Microsoft moves to Canada, does that mean they'll at least say "sorry" every time they do something bad?

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