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Comment: Re:Rule Engine? [Re:Security team] (Score 0) 512 512

When modern computers are on but idle, they consume a tiny amount of power. Remember the "Energy Star" campaign of the 90s? Yeah, we've had 20 years of advancements in that arena.

We all appreciate your yearning for a dark, cold, miserable life for the rest of us, though. Certainly, tax the fuck out of us some more, God knows we all have plenty of financial cushion for this kind of thing.

Comment: Re: Depends (Score -1) 512 512

Really? Do you actually know Microsoft's track record and what they did? They singlehandedly held back the progress of computers, year after year, with disgusting, unethical tactics. That kind of reputation doesn't wear off easily. Are you one of the pro-MS consultants paid to post on sites like these? If so, good move posting anonymously so it can't be tracked back to you. If not, why are you writing about a mega-billion dollar corporation that can defend itself quite well?

Comment: Re:diluting the market (Score 0) 247 247

The Atari was the best seller of an entire generation of consoles. It was enjoyed by millions and envied by millions more. Where'd you get the idea that people back then thought video games were dumb? This is backwards thinking, isn't it? Applying the standards of today to a time when different standards were in force.

Comment: Re:Not just Java installers... (Score 2) 328 328

Agreed! If you have used a windows PC to install more than 5 programs, you have learned to *ALWAYS* choose custom install. I don't know if I would say that anyone *DESERVES* malware, but choosing to custom install your program will make you better at managing your own computer, and the world needs more of those people.

Comment: Re:unworkable (Score 1) 163 163

Can confirm this. I've been with Chinese people who went to have artifacts verified, and they've got the whole mass spectrometer (or whatever it is they use for solids) set up. There are tons of companies involved in verifying pricey things, because Chinese of all people are well aware the market is full of fakes.

Comment: Re:Oh no, (Score 4, Insightful) 141 141

OK, here is the privacy concern: The company sponsoring this now has thumbprints of all the students in the program on record. With the thumbprints, the student can then be impersonated at other establishments that use fingerprints for authentication. Get it? If not, see slashdot articles about fingerprint readers at Disneyland.

A simple magstripe card would have provided the same information, and it's unlikely that it would be used anywhere else.

Comment: I have a quote for this situation (Score 0) 152 152

"The use of anthropomorphic terminology when dealing with computing systems is a symptom of professional immaturity."
-- Edsger Dijkstra

Who wants to bet the person who posted this has never heard of Dijkstra? He invented the shortest path algorithm, structured programming, and was the first person to label GOTO as harmful. Professionally immature, indeed. I'd go farther and say incompetent.

"Intelligence without character is a dangerous thing." -- G. Steinem