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Comment Re:anti-repair ain't all that (Score 4, Insightful) 243

Here is a repair scenario that you forgot:

You buy a phone, and like it. You use it. A lot. Over the course of using it, the usb charging port starts to become intermittent. It's a part whose value is $.50 or less, but if it can't be repaired, you have to throw the whole phone away. What a waste of money!

Another one:

The battery in your phone is no longer holding a useful amount of energy to power the phone all day. You could replace the battery and bring the whole phone back to "like-new" condition, but the manufacturer has glued the case together. This is the malicious intent: The manufacturer *KNEW* that the battery would not last forever, and still welded the case shut. You would not stand for this if it were your car.

Comment Re:Mr Snowden is CORRECT!!! (Score 1) 342

There was just a huge terrorist attack in Paris, and now the EU is considering passing a bill to outlaw encryption that can't be decrypted by the state. This is a huge opportunity for Snowden to say something about privacy, and instead he comments about "PUNCHING THE MONKEY"?!?!?!

Way to stay relevant, Ed!

Comment Re:if they really want revenge (Score 1, Insightful) 488

Fighting ISIS by joining the military is a lot like fighting Morpheus in the matrix. i.e., "Do you think that how fast you move has anything to do with muscles in this place? Do you think that's air you're breathing?"

If you join the military, all you will be doing is bombing (maybe) combatants in Syria. The people who perpetrated the attack in Paris obviously were not in Syria.

Anonymous has the ability to sniff out and actually PREVENT further attacks.

Of course, they also have the ability to SWAT Counter-strike playing college kids who are no threat.

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