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Comment Re:Only 85 years short... (Score 1) 93

There is no single piece of hardware that this GIF will run on that will run for 1000 years. Eventually, the capacitors in the power supply and motherboard will dry out, and cause a failure. The best solution is to run it on a VM or container that can be moved from hardware to hardware. This move probably won't happen instantaneously, so there is probably a little wiggle room for hardware maintenance.

However, 91.5% uptime isn't very good.

Comment Re:pin code not vulnerable (Score 1, Insightful) 170

When I set up and unlock swipe pattern on my phone, I wanted to make sure it was not something simple that someone would guess. I was dismayed that:

You can't swipe to a non-adjacent point
If you double-back on your swipe path, you don't need to enter that double-back part of the path when unlocking.

I think using a swipe pattern is even LESS secure than using a pin with the same number of digits as swipe points.

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