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Comment You just don't get it. (Score 2) 95

This is more of an individual asking a yes/no question than a publication asking an inflammatory question just to get clicks.

Also, Yes, you can spoof an IP, which means that you can make packets that you send look like they came from another IP address than they actually did. This may be fine for the one-off UDP packet or such, but email is sent using SMTP, which requires a TCP connection. If your return IP address is spoofed, the 3-way handshake cannot be completed, and therefore, the TCP connection will never be made. If the TCP connection is never completed, then certainly the SMTP email will never be sent.

While the poster's list may contain IPs that were spoofed, none of the spoofed IPs actually SENT any email.

Comment Re:and solved last century already (Score 1) 157

I have used a Palm Tungsten for several years and I can tell you that even that stylus wasn't engineered all that well. More than once, the stylus fell out of its slot, and was lost. There was a little notch on the end where a spring clip held it in place, but that wasn't always enough to keep it there. This opened up a market for replacement stylii.

The engineering fault of Samsung wasn't that they didn't anticipate the reversal of the stylus. Their fault was that they *REQUIRED* a stylus. There are hundreds of phones that just use your finger, and they work well. The Palm had a resistive touch screen, so if you lost the stylus, in a pinch, you could use a fingernail, pen cap, toothpick, or almost anything else with a point.

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