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I have been using Gandi since around 2000. A few years back I was late renewing a domain and didn't get it submitted until the day of expiration - I had hours to spare. That, combined with delays in whois expiration data updates, made me very nervous so I phoned Gandi and...... I spoke to a real person! They were friendly and helpful! They told me no problem, not to worry. There is even a grace period of a couple weeks after expiration where you can renew without penalty.

I am now a loyal customer and it would take a lot for me to change. Saving a few dollars over ten years? Not a chance.

Comment Real pirates don't fly the Jolly Roger (Score 1) 645 645

Fortunately, where I sail on the ocean, we don't yet have to worry about pirates. But there is a real challenge in identifying actual pirates vs. people who are merely on the water. Add visibility problems, language barriers, and that pirates probably want to remain stealth for as long as possible.

Not every non-tanker is a pirate. Ships aren't always easy to avoid. They turn, and not always in predictable ways. Someone may try and move out of the path of a ship and inadvertently move into the soon to be path. Targeting some family who is out fishing, a disabled vessel, or telling Lance to open up with the forward fifties at a merely suspect target a mile way, is not acceptable. And yet, you don't want to let actual pirates get close.

Attacking someone with any sort of weapon just because they're within a half mile or mile is not reasonable. This isn't like CCW, where the threat tends to be closer and more obvious.

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boasts a ridiculous resolution of 13,280 x 9,184 pixels

My 6x7 cm film images are already 11,023 x 9,448 when scanned at 4000 dpi.
And there are no artifacts from Bayer interpolation.

30x36" prints, and even larger, are spectacular. But you need good lenses, a good tripod, and good technique; otherwise you won't resolve the detail.

And with 20x30" prints only $9 at Costco (on profiled printers), I *am* enlarging my prints to poster size, thankyouverymuch.

I look forward to digital catching up.

Comment Prior art, bad patent (Score 1) 317 317

This seems to be yet another one of those "look at my new patent (on an old idea)!" type of PRs.

BFG race tires featured asymmetric sidewall construction in the 90's specifically to increase effective negative camber in situations where it was limited by race rules and the chassis.

Mechanics of the Aysmmetric Construction

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