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Comment Blender isn't for defeatists (Score 1) 158

Blender is an awesome tool that just gets better by the day. Defeatists won't like it because it takes effort to learn how to use it. However once you do, you'll be addicted and basically only be limited by your imagination and your willingness to learn more. It is such a powerful tool that even after using it for almost 4 years now I still learn new abilities and hack gems outside of the new stuff that is added all the time.

I can't thank the blender devs enough. Keep up the good work and don't let the haters get you down. Our community is better off without people who don't contribute more than insults and complaints. Which reminds me, time to make another donation. I now make a living doing something I actually enjoy because of blender.

Comment He likes what he has right? (Score 1) 655

Just build a new single system and virtualize the two components of the previous system. He won't have to learn how to use it, you know it works for what he needs and considering you are emulating such old hardware, can be done on cheap modern hardware. Just get a low end core 2 duo with VT, and install Ubuntu and kvm virtualization. You could probably get a bare bones system for the same price as two new Microsoft licenses. Spend the real money on a big display for the old man instead!

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