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Comment Re:US to be Blamed (Score 1) 311

Is it the Canadian-born son of a Cuban refugee who's running for President?

Canadian-born son of a Cuban refugee isn't allowed to run for President. Not "natural born".

Unless, of course, the Cuban refugee was in the USA legally long enough to become a citizen.

Though if Mom was an American citizen, then the courts will have sooooo much fun sorting things out.

Comment Re:How? (Score 1) 311

I'm singling that one out since the left dropped guns

What makes you think the Left has dropped guns as an issue? Or did you miss the photo ops as a result of this latest school shooting? Seems to me both Hillary and Obama spent some time calling for "common sense gun laws" (for which read: make guns illegal)....

Comment Re:Who are these people? (Score 1) 311

Robert Reich is certainly right on about the demise of capitalism. Corporations stack the deck so much in their favor that capitalism as we used to have it, as it used to benefit average people, and lift them out of poverty, is pretty much dead.

Unfortunately for future generations, I'm pretty sure the demise of the kind of capitalism we used to have was inevitable. You can go back to the '20s and '30s and find critics of capitalism describing this exact scenario in great detail.

Like Empire America, the seeds of capitalism's own destruction were sown at it's very birth. It was a good run, though. It's kind of like cocaine. For a while, you're on top of the world, and everything's terrific. You love everyone and you've never been so productive. But eventually, it's going to rot you from the inside and you end up turning tricks and snatching purses.

Comment Re:US to be Blamed (Score 5, Insightful) 311

small ones run by real Americans apparently are fine

What the fuck is a "real American"? Is it the Canadian-born son of a Cuban refugee who's running for President? Is it the naturalized Iraqi-American who owns a convenience store? How about an Australian who owns some of the most powerful media outlets in the US along with a Saudi prince?

Please enlighten us.

I'm all for gutting Wall Street, but when I hear that kind of populism paired up with phrases like "real American" I kind of get the willies.

Comment Re:Survey bias (Score 0) 129

I read TFA.

I especially liked the tear-jerker about the poor kid who started getting nosebleeds.

Mind you, I'm not really sure why the author thinks that the nosebleeds are in any way related to thyroid cancer (the girl in question was not mentioned as one of the 137).

I was also amused by the PhD who said "this isn't screening, it's real!". How the hell does he know? Did he actually go over there and examine patients or anything? And if he did, why wasn't that mentioned in TFA? Seems more likely he had a good sound-bite, so they ran with it in spite of him knowing nothing specific about the subject.

Comment Re:Survey bias (Score 1, Insightful) 129

Just so.

In the rest of the world, children do not routinely get several ultrasounds per year to check for thyroid cancer. Is it really suprising that we'd find much more of something we're looking Really Hard to Find?

So, I guess my real question is: Where's the control population that gets the same checks as the Fukushima population? And what's their rate of thyroid cancer?

Comment Re:Cycle beating. (Score 1) 385

Ever hear someone say, "the don't make stuff to last anymore"?
Well now you know why (in part at least) stuff doesn't last as long as they used to.

When I was a kid, a brand new car, straight from the manufacturer was expected to last, oh, five years. Then you traded it in on a replacement.

Nowadays, I own three vehicles, none of which are younger than 12 years old. One of them could really use some new upholstery, but otherwise, I don't see a reason to replace any of them this decade. We'll see.

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