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Comment: Re:In case you're wondering (Score 1) 66

If there was some wrong I'd want righted, and I thought that the arm of government responsible for looking into the matter was low on resources, I'd want to be able to "help out".

So would I.

Especially if I were going to be paid millions and millions of dollars for "helping out".

Comment: Re:Yet another clueless story on automation (Score 3, Interesting) 340

by CrimsonAvenger (#48642973) Attached to: What Happens To Society When Robots Replace Workers?

Because last I looked, most of the developed world continues to struggle with unemployment.

Hmm, the USA considers "full employment" to be roughly equal to 6% unemployment (which we're pretty close to now).

Note that the "workforce" they're talking about is essentially everyone between the ages of 18 and 65.

Now, once upon a time, (immediately post-WW2, for example), the "workforce" did NOT include most of the women of the country. Which means that percentage employment has nearly doubled, using the 1950 definition of employment.

If we applied the modern definition of unemployment to that period, we'd say that during WW2 we were running probably 35-40% unemployment.

In other words, change the definitions, get different results.....

Comment: Illutrates my hesitation (Score 1) 23

by RogueWarrior65 (#48641423) Attached to: How a 3D Printer Let a Dog Run For the First Time

Your snark reinforces my questions about using any of the current offerings whose price doesn't require mortgaging the house. And I have so many questions that go unanswered. For example, what's the print speed in terms of volume e.g. cubic millimeters per second? And I had to scoff/chuckle at CubeX who won't tell you exactly how much material is in one of their cartridges. When I asked, they said "Oh, you can print about 75 cellphone cases." WTF? A cellphone case is not a standardized unit of measure, doofus.

For me, the killer app is printing custom PCB enclosures. Makes you wonder why COTS embedded computer manufacturers don't have a meeting with companies like Hammond to make enclosures that fit (and skip the fancy styling because that stuff isn't going to sit on a shelf). But I digress. So I want to print enclosures but my concern is that they take a day to print and the print fails 8 hours in. My other concern is that they look like crap on the outside. People are buying home frying machines, filling them with acetone, and dunking their prints in hot acetone to smooth the layers. Beyond that, you have to wonder when Makerbot comes out with a failed print shredding machine so you can recycle the plastic into new filament.

Comment: Re:How about ignoring it? (Score 1) 462

by CrimsonAvenger (#48634621) Attached to: Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot

When was the last time anybody got a "felony rap" for a state law?

Umm, you are aware that MURDER is a State crime, not a Federal one, right?

As is kidnapping, assault, robbery, well, pretty much everything not related to taxes or committed on a Federal Reservation (military base, that sort of thing)....

Comment: Re:Supremes never said corps are people ... (Score 1) 580

by PopeRatzo (#48634045) Attached to: Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release

As do members of unions and members of activist groups. Using your logic these groups of individuals should also be silenced.

I agree. No additional rights because you have pooled your money.

As the court has said, a group of people have the same speech rights as individual persons. There are no additional rights, just the same right.

Except, corporations are allowed to participate in elections to an extent and in ways that private citizens cannot.

Using your logic employees may have even more rights than shareholders. In your logic shareholders may have two voices, individual and corporate; while employees may have three voices, individual, corporate and union. Again I am referring to a situation such as "a steel corporation wanting the government to maintain a tariff on steel imports". The steel workers union would probably want the government to maintain the tariff too.

Right. Everybody gets the same vote. Everybody gets the same campaign finance limit (and citizens only). That's simple. Corporations, unions, etc are not citizens. They cannot vote or run for office. Why should they be allowed to participate in politics financially?

And if it was all about "rights" why has Citizens United allowed corporate donors anonymity in political finance when individuals are not allowed to be anonymous in the same way?

You make the mistake of thinking that everyone who disagrees with you is a liberal. You have an image living in your head that is not real.

Comment: Re:Established science CANNOT BE QUESTIONED! (Score 2) 615

by Xest (#48633327) Attached to: Skeptics Would Like Media To Stop Calling Science Deniers 'Skeptics'

You don't question the science by simply asking arbitrary nonsensical questions or pushing long debunked theories though. You have to actually do science and come up with some results that bring into question the pre-existing science.

If you believe your college taught you that you can defeat an established scientific theory by repeatedly asking arbitrary questions about it then you either weren't listening or your college was shit and you need a refund.

I know it's hard, I know it means that to question the science means you'd have to actually put some effort into investigating it to come up with a question that actually has some merit to it rather than sitting as a little armchair troll that simply detests the idea that humanity might not be perfect and may in fact cause some problems in the world after all, but tough shit, it is what it is.

Comment: Re:Supremes never said corps are people ... (Score 1) 580

by PopeRatzo (#48632619) Attached to: Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release

Those employees and shareholders already have their individual rights. Do you believe that the corporation should confer upon them additional rights? So that people who own stock have rights to certain speech that others do not? Because that's exactly the current situation.

Nossir. Corporate personhood was a legal shorthand that has gone out of control. It will be looked upon by history with embarrassment.

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